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Quick and simple image handling using any Lightbox compatible scripts.

Quick and simple image handling using any Lightbox compatible scripts.


A lightweight lightbox image gallery plugin based on Slimbox.

A lightweight lightbox image gallery plugin based on Slimbox.


wow_gallery - Upload, edit (flip/mirror/resize/thumbs), show images

This plugin is a complete gallery manager for Textpattern, including a powerful tag for displaying…


adds batch upload capability

EBL_Batchupload gives Textpattern users the ability to upload multiple, resize, thumbnail and import with a…


Image rendering loop

Lists images by employing user supplied markup


Article image thumbnail display

wet_article_thumb displays the thumbnail which belongs to an article’s image. Optionally the thumbnail is linked…


Directory Gallery

Generates a gallery from the images in a directory. Does not use the textpattern database.


A utility that uses GD library to create easy graphics out of many graphics.

I ported a new textpattern plugin in from the code done by Harvey Kane for A List Apart Issue #219 in an article called Automatic Magazine Layout.


conditional tag based on article image category needs name=”” attribute accepts else tag


A click on a thumbnail places the orginal image above your current page, not within.


This plugin creates an animated slideshow of images for the current article.


Current-document-aware random image/video/Flash file by (sub)category; useful for advertising

Useful for advertising, and linking to, “other products/services on this site” without showing the customer an advert for the product they are currently looking at.


Import plugin for txp backend

I’ve needed a way to import some images into Textpattern, especially when adding more than…


More powerful image display

More powerful image display.


Filters article thumbnails by various criteria

Link specific thumbnails to their articles

jfp_last23img plugin

jfp_last23img plugin

If you have an account on 23 you can use this plugin to display your…


Display Flickr photos as a gallery or individually

Shows images from your flickr photostream as a gallery in your textpattern website.


Article Image Plugin

<txp:hak_article_image /> is an enhancement to <txp:article_image /> it supports multiple images per article along with various ways of attaching links to the images.


Multiple image import

I needed to upload dozens of images to my textpattern installation for a gallery on one of my sites. As it is not funny to upload a lot of images manually, I started to write my first admin-side plugin ever.


Displays an image for a category, provided one is available.


Minimal image selector

Minimal image selector.


Creates a TXP wrapper tag to PTViewer 3.1.2.

Adds an easy access tag for PTViewer 3.1.2. PTViewer is an applet use to display…


PNG browser transparency plugin

Allows transparent PNG images to be viewed in all browsers such as Internet Explorer without displaying messy grey background.


Article image thumbnail

All it does is output an article thumbnail.


Inserts images with CSS drop shadows into articles

The plugin inserts images with CSS drop shadows into articles.
By default it will also generate popup code to open a scaled new window with the bigger image after clicking on the thumbnail.


Generates a dropdown-list of all images

This plugin generates a dropdown-list of all images. The selected could be inserted in the article’s body, excerpt or image field.


Conditional plugin displays code if there is an article image specified.

This plugin will output the contained text if there is an article image.


customized mdp_automatic resize & thumbnails for RC3

Customized mdp_automatic-randt to work for RC3.


Displays list of images

Displays a list of images in a particular image category and displays it using thumbnails


Counts images in an article or category

A simple plugin that counts how many images there is in an article or a category or just total number of images uploaded to TXP.

All 1086 articles are stored in the treasure rooms that are the Archives.
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