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I needed to upload dozens of images to my textpattern installation for a gallery on one of my sites. As it is not funny to upload a lot of images manually, I started to write my first admin-side plugin ever – I’m not a programmer, but it works fine for me and maybe it could be usefull for somebody else, too.

That’s what the script does:
1. It creates an new folder called import in the image folder.
2. All images uploaded via ftp to this folder will be imported into textpattern.

How to use it:
1. Upload your images via ftp to the import folder.
2. If you want to add the images to a special category, simply create another folder (chmod 777) with the name of the category in the import folder. If the category already exists, the images will be added to it, otherwise the category will be created.
3. Open the image tab in the content area: abracadabra the images should be imported.

Update: Version 0.2

  • support of unicode categories (tested on localhost)
  • support of thumbs: simply upload your thumb image to the same folder. If the image is called holiday.jpg, the thumb has to be called thumb-holiday.jpg to be recognized.

Disclaimer: It works without trouble on my site, but I don’t take any warranty for it on other sites.

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04 Jul 2005

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