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Dynamic Sub Menu with active class

This is not for sections, but article navigation. It is a recipe for a sub navigation with highlighted current article links in the sub-menu.

*Very Useful for a typical business-style web site with sub-pages in a section.*

I searched for quite some time before I found the bits and pieces to put together this recipe for a dynamic sub navigation with a class=“active” attaching itself to the current menu item. This allows you to apply styling to the active menu item without having to hard code the links in your page (template) every time you add an article.

Podcasting With Txp

Generating an iTunes-friendly podcast with Txp

I wrote this tutorial because I felt that there was not a single comprehensive, easy-to-follow…

Custom RSS Feeds

Move beyond Textpattern's feed functionality

All other factors aside, Wordpress still has one up on Textpattern for custom RSS feeds – a function with quite a lot of potential. Textpattern doesn’t technically offer this capability, but it’s fairly simple to construct an alternative.

Read the full writeup…

Printable Pocket Reference

A handy pocket reference for some of the most often used Textpattern page tags.

A handy pocket reference for some of the most often used Textpattern page tags. Note:…

Photoblog Tutorial

Plugin-free Photoblog Template Tutorial

This tutorial will show you how to create a photoblog with Textpattern. No plugins required!

Tags in Tags (or, precisely, tags as other tags' attributes)

A simple approach in three reproducible steps

Textpattern fails to decode arrangements requiring one Textpattern tag to deliver the value of another tag’s attribute.

A dash of PHP plus a simple three step how-to help to slash this Gordian Knot.

TextMate Bundle for Textpattern

TMBundle for Textpattern

Contains now 86 Bundle Items as of version 0.7 beta , which include also some more commands and snippets, this should give you ample possibilities to poke out many different workflow strategies and code with style and finesse your favorite Textpattern Templates.

Textpattern Plugin Anatomy

A PHP developer's guide to writing Textpattern plugins

Textpattern Plugin Anatomy is a detailed tutorial on developing Textpattern plugins.

TXP Tag Reference PDF 2

Printable TXP Tag Reference PDF

This PDF document gathers all the tags available in the Textbook Alphabetical Tag Listing

Posting automatically from to Textpattern

Posting a "daily thingy"

daily posting from using its “daily thingy” feature

Czech textpattern

Czech Textpattern Resources site

Help for czech people with textpattern sites.. Introduction for installing, plugins, tricks and tips. Textpattern…

Setting up a (thumbnail-) gallery

A tutorial on setting up a gallery

This tutorial is based on the German tutorial:
“Eine (Thumbnail-) Galerie umsetzen” by Nils and Alex.
It referrs to a thumbnail-gallery Nils H. did set up on the german site

TXP Tag Reference PDF

A PDF generated from the tag reference section of TextBook

Being new to TXP and having a liking for dead tree documentation, I have put…

Czech Help

Czech introduction to Textpattern

Do you installing textpattern, but do you know it? There is czech introduction for you.…

Custom Meta Tags in Textpattern

Custom Meta Tags in Textpattern

Textpattern does not offer an obvious way to add meta tags to a template, but its easy to implement a custom description and set of keywords for each article.

Linklists and Blogroll

Creating linklists and blogrolls for your Textpattern site

This article is based on the German Tutorial: Eine Blogroll und/oder Linkliste in TXP einbauen.…

Moblog with Textpattern

A Quick & Dirty Guide to Moblog

Send pictures directly from your camera phone to your blog.

Bilingual in Textpattern

A method to organize and display articles based upon language and topic

A Canadian blogger of my acquaintance who is working on his own Textpattern install inquired…

Guide for Textpattern authors / end-users

Guide for Textpattern authors / end-users

I’ve created a basic end-user manual for clients – basically a guide for authors and other non-technical end-users of the Textpattern system.

Textpattern Plugin How To

This guide contains resources and tips that will help you in authoring your own Textpattern…

Textpattern on OS X

Installing Textpattern on Mac OS X 10.3

This article covers the following: What does Textpattern offer?Downloading and Installing Textpattern 1.0rc1Enabling Personal Web…

Textpattern 121 Part Two

MOAE: Textpattern Information

Well after giving my brain a chance to heal for a couple of days, I…

Textpattern 121 Part One

MOAE: Textpattern Information

This essay is intended to be more detailed and start at getting TXP out of…

Textpattern 101

MOAE: Textpattern Information

I created this essay as a means to get folks started with TXP after reading…

Managing static pages

A common beginner’s question about Textpattern is how to manage non-blog content, like an “about”…

Moving from Movable Type to Textpattern

This article is about my experience converting two Movable Type (MT) blogs to Textpattern (TXP).…

Textpattern Tutorial [de]

Tutorial in German

An introductory guide to Textpattern, written in German.

Textpattern Tags

"A manual for impatient users"

Among other features, TXP comes with a powerful mechanism to obtain a high degree of…

Building a 404 Error Page in Textpattern

This is a concise outline of what I did to get a custom 404 page…

A Simple TextPattern Tutorial

Tutorial on the TextPattern Presentation Model

This tutorial focuses on the TextPattern presentation model. Three elements of the model are discussed:…

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