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What is this place?

This site is the resource base for the Textpattern CMS Community. Back in the day, various Textpattern resources were loosely gathered at the forum, which remains a beautiful place and a wealth of information and support, but there was a need for a comprehensive site where authors could post their resources and the general community could easily locate and access them. ::Enter this site, in the autumn of 2004.

A Textpattern installation is the obvious choice for this project.
Textpattern is our common tie and what we’re all familiar with, or becoming familiar with.

/originally 19november2004, open 24november2004, revamped as TRv2 in november2006

You are here

Wait, what? Just tell me if this is the planet Usel! [ ? ]

This is a resource site for Textpattern users. If you’re stumbling across this without specifically looking for Textpattern resources, you should probably head over to the main Textpattern website to learn what all this fuss is about.

The brief is: Textpattern is a CMS developed by Dean Allen. This site, Textpattern Resources, was developed as a resource base for the Textpattern community, with all information gathered from Textpattern users, and entirely managed with Textpattern. For more answers, including a half explanation of Usel, visit the Help page.

About this site

I must know how this website was constructed.

This site is managed, naturally, by Textpattern and is hosted at Textdrive.

This site was founded by Alicson, and would not have been possible without the gracious efforts of Remillard, who also authored several custom plugins for this site as it was being built, Wilshire, who put together the first extensive archives on this site, added many key plugins, and helped conceptualize TRv2, and Ruud, who built half the backend (expanding, streamlining and adding crucial plugins, adjustments to the admin side) of TRv2 and spent countless hours making everything work in general.

Their work, along with may other very beautiful plugins and mods made available by the talented and generous textpattern community, are what makes this site do what it does. Further and continuing immense thanks go to Osei, Manfre, Andrew, Obeewan, Variaas, Sencer, Zem, Hakjoon, Skubidu, and Eric. And a genuine note of appreciation goes out to everyone who makes this community what it is.

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We Need You

No man is an island. Or a pear, for that matter.

You do not have to be the original author of a mod, tutorial, etc. in order to post it here. If you come across some useful information in the forum, or on someone else’s website, then post it here for others to find. If you would rather not post it yourself, then send an email with the information and it will be posted on your behalf.

The more articles are posted at this site, the more useful it will become for everyone.

If you are an author of a plugin, template, etc., or have written some tips about your own Textpattern experience on your site, please post it on this site; posting your own work ensures that the information is displayed as you prefer it to be. And if you’d like to help on the back end, simply drop an email saying so.

Everyone’s assistance is requested to help keep this site as complete, updated, and accurate as possible. Do not hesitate to log in and make changes on your own, or to send an email to notify the admin of even the smallest errors.

A sincere thanks to those who have linked this site on their own, and to those who have been posting articles — the more, the very merrier!

As a community, we can make this site as useful for one another as we would like it to be.

Note to Authors

I made something. Now what?

If you have tutorials/tips/plugins/templates/etc. that you would like to be more accessible to the Textpattern community, then by all means please register / sign in and post as many entries as you’d like. If you’d rather not do it yourself, please feel free to email the link(s)/information, and it will be posted for you.


Pretty good isn't good enough.

So, these are some features that are in the works, or that should be in the works, for improved utility of this site:

October 2006~

  • TRv2 — complete redesign of site, including upgrade to current Textpattern revision ..launched 6nov2006
  • Plugin storage — develop and implement admin extensions to facilitate recordation and storage of plugins and other resources; improved authorship exprience
  • Help section — basic question/answer articles that draw on existing articles and new ones ..built.. now will need more important articles to point out to most-asked questions
  • Popular articles — ability to sort and search popular articles on the site

[ … Extended Admin’s To Do list ]


Hear me roar. Or say nice things nicely.

Questions, comments, and inquiries about participating with the site are very welcome. There is a page that might answer some of your questions, and otherwise you might want to submit a question there. If you are looking for feedback, technical assistance or other support with your own website, the best place for you to communicate is on the Textpattern Forums.

Comments form is currently in timeout because we’re running an old old copy of Textpattern with some mods that have been too friendly to spambots; will overhaul everything at some point and contact form will be restored and more convenient. Meanwhile, please reach us directly through email.



Though this site is dedicated to Textpattern, it is not managed nor monitored in an 'official' capacity.

The content here is the community product of individual efforts; the copyright of anything you read here is individually theirs; the responsibility when using any of it is yours.

The official Textpattern site is at

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