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This is a plugin that will show images from your flickr photostream as a gallery in your either an article or page template.

This is a plugin that will display images (typically your own) from in textpattern. You may include the plugin inside you article as a set of images defined by one or more tags, or by a set as defined in flickr. You may also display individual images, and specify where they link to.

You can see this plugin in action in my own Photo gallery or in this post of mine that shows the examples as provided in the documentation. The plugin comes with the documentation bundled.

This plugin is mostly the work of Ralph von der Heyden and his vdh_flickr plugin with a number of changes/enhancements.

I have released an update to fix some bugs and to add a new tag that displays a flickr photoset (knd_flickr_set)

2006-12-10: After a long hiatis this plugin has been made available again. Sorry for the absence. :-)

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29 September 2005
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01 Oct 2005

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