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Custom dates, calendars and more.

Should you be looking for customizable date strings, non-Gregorian calendars, dates comparison — this plugin can help.


Overrides the default language for specific sections

This plugin allows you to globally override the default language of your Textpattern installation for some specific sections. You can use any installed language for any section, but you can only use one language per section.


Weather from Finland

Outputs a various weather information from Finland’s most bigest cities.

zem_contact_lang-de: Deutsche Übersetzung für zem_contact

Deutschsprachige Texte für zem_contact

zem_contact_lang-de ist eine deutschsprachige Übersetzung der Texte, die in zem_contact benötigt werden. zem_contact ist ein…


Language plugin for zem_contact_reborn

The companion plugin for zem_contact_reborn. Provides a language file which can be localised to any language you desire by editing the contents of this plugin once installed.

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