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a comment based (star) rating system for articles

A comment based (star) rating system for articles.


subscribe to articles comments

glg_subscribe_comments allows your visitors to subscribe to the discussion of an article. It add a…


Output special class name on admin comments

What does it do? Renders classname if commentator’s e-mail matches your parameter. Usage <txp:gva_commentclass authormail=""…


Commenter's word game

Textpattern version of Allen Chang’s delightfully clever Wordfest game for Symphony CMS


Reply to comments from the txp admin.

Reply to comments from the txp admin.


Adds a comment preview in the admin comments edit screen

A simple little plugin that uses jQuery to add a preview of the comment being…


Akismet/TypePad AntiSpam Comment Spam Protection

This plugin adds Akismet spam protection to the comments form. Support for sending information back to the Akismet servers to improve spam filtering.


Email subscription to comment

Subscribe to comments via email

  1. Someone writes a comment filing out their email
  2. They receive immediately a confirmation with a link that directly subscribes to future comment for that article
  3. Each time a new comment is posted they will receive an email notifying them about the new post and offering them a link for unsubscription.

Thats it, easy subscription, and easy unsubscription.


Prevent comment spam by adding various custom filters via simple interface

Prevent comment spam by adding various custom filters via simple interface.


Comment submiting with out comment preview

Comment submiting with out comment preview, instead we use alternative spam protection: registeration.


Paginated comments

Paginated comment listings for Textpattern 4.0.6 and up.


Kills Spam with a hidden Input-Field and checks for BBCode

htn_antispam is a simple plugin to prevent your textpattern blog from spamattacks. The plugin generates…


Akismet integration for Textpattern

Akismet Plugin for Textpattern. Note: This plugin does not make use of the reporting Spam…


Display recent comments

Fine, textpattern has already provided a recent comments tag. But someone love it and someone hate it. And it indeed is not so powerful enough. So, this thing was born.


  1. class: css class, default is wyn_recent_comments
  2. wraptag: tag of wrap, default is ul
  3. break: tag of every item, default is li
  4. label: title label, default is nothing


Comment Sofa plugin

It can generate a cloud or a list for commenters who commented the most. OR…


Nested comments ala Livejournal

Nested comments for threaded discussions ala Livejournal. Still a work in progress; the fundamental functionality…


Spam-fighting plugin using Defensio spam-checking service.

Uses the Defensio spam-filtering service to keep spam out of your Textpattern site’s comments.


Implementation of reCAPTCHA for TextPattern

This plugin implements reCAPTCHA for TextPattern comments. When a visitor submits a comment they’ll have to solve a reCAPTCHA on the comments preview. If the preview is not solved after the maximum number of attempts, then the comment is sent to the comment moderation queue.


htn_comment_count is a plugin for counting comments, articles, discussions.

htn_comment_count allows you to show the total number of all comments, your discussions and articles. The plugin also has some basic filter-functions.

htn_comment_count_user can output the number of comments of a single user.


Comment Reply Plugin

This plugin adds the capability to reply to comments, and show the replies differently (ie: indented) using a different class than for normal comments.

wet_commentmagic: Auto-link URLs in comments

Apply automatic Textile markup on comments

wet_commentmagic changes all parts of a comment which might be decipherable as a web address…


an7_comments allows you to use customizable comment counts and global popup comment invitations, includes modal overlay support

an7_comments allows you to use customizable comment counts and global popup comment invitations. Includes support for mediaboxAdvanced modal lightbox style overlays.


Restrict comment size.

Restrict comment size.


Simple Blogroll plugin to credit commenters on your Site

Simple blogroll plugin, for only trusted Commenters of your Site. This is aimed mainly for a sectionfrontpage sidebar display, to credit your commenters with a couple of outclicks.


Prevents SPAM

This plug-in is no longer being updated, not it is guaranteed to work correctly anymore.…



Provides a template tag to allow for more robust customization of the display of the…


Identifies comment spam by moderating those with 3 or more URLs

Tries to block comment spam. It checks against a common set of (configurable) keywords, and also checks to see how many URLs are present in the comment.


Greatly extends on the functionality of txp:recent_comments

Expands on recent_comments by allowing the use of forms to display the comments. You can…


Comments via RSS & Atom

This plugin extends Textpattern’s RSS & Atom functionality to allow for sitewide, section, category, or…


lists recent comments

wet_recent_comments is a Textpattern plugin which lists recent comments, both per article and site wide.

It is a single tag which lists a limited amount of the most recent comments, optionally including the comment message. It is context sensitive: When wet_recent_comments is used in a page template, comments are taken from all articles, while in an article form comments are specifically chosen from the ones concerning the current article.

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