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TXP's gTxt strings displayed in their original places on TXP's admin UI

Switch Textpatterns admin language to TXP’s core text strings aka gTxt_strings and see them all in place.

TextPattern Cheatsheet

Cheatsheet in PNG or PDF of all TXP tags

This is simple Cheatsheet that describes all TXP tags. For ver 4.0.5 PNG 112kB PDF…

TXP Bookmarklet

Just plug in your TXP install path and use the Bookmarklet Builder to make yourself…

Section and Category Pull-down Menus, Part II

In continuation to Mary’s previous article:
Section and Category Pull-down Menus, here is how to have these as simple category selects, provided, you have one article assigned per category

Use Opera Search to Access Your Install

Get to your TXP backend in with three keystrokes.

How to transmit arbitrary information with zem_contact

zem_contact is a plugin which extends Textpattern with a set of custom tags supporting email contact forms.

How to transmit arbitrary information with zem_contact introduces some of the inner workings of that plugin, and how to use it for more than just transferring a visitor’s name and address.

Creating Article Popups in Textpattern

Open articles in popup windows

Recently I wanted to open up the article body in an new window. On the page I had set up I exposed the title and the excerpt and then an link to where the article body was opened up in a new window. Below I will briefly cover how I did.

Advanced Sort By

Not happy with article and article_custom's sort by features? Roll your own.

The “sortby” attribute is a direct interface to the database language SQL. That means you have all the sort power in the world.

Online Plugin Packaging Tool

Online Textpattern Plugin Packaging Tool

A tool to package your Textpattern plugins.

Textpattern Source Reference

Quickly find Textpattern functions and definitions

So here’s the first thing that my new site will host. A full blown Textpattern reference.

Change Password Tab

How to make another tab for changing passwords if the user doesn’t have admin…

Restricting search to one section

Restricting search to one section

How to enable section-specific searching

Link Template 2 File

Import/Export Templates, Forms and CSS.

A simple export script that iterates through your forms, templates and css and exports them to a folder. The second script updates the database with the exported files.

How to Speed Up Your Textpattern Web Site

How to Speed Up Your Textpattern Web Site

Have you noticed your installation of Dean Allen’s Textpattern to be serving up pages a little slower than expected? Puzzled by those ridiculously long render times? Here’s 4 helpful tips to get your site moving.

Disable logging for your home IP.

I got sick of seeing my home IP address in the logs (usually more of them than anything else). Changed a couple of lines in textpattern/publish/log.php and now my logs almost never change.

txp:output_form = includes

One of the obvious benefits of Textpattern is it's ease of use and the control…

Image Replacement without plugins

How to use native tags to replace text with images

<div class="<txp:section />"><h2><txp:section /></h2></div>
This is really simple but read on for more info.

Articles Sorted By Custom Fields

Stuff like Last Name

<txp:article_custom sortby="custom_4" sortdir="asc" />

Hiding and customizing the comments form and system

Hiding the comments form and customizing the comments in general

This is the documentation of a few of the steps I took to achieve a customized comments system..

i had stated in the forum that i would like to be able to:

have the comments show only when you click on ‘comments’, rather than having the comments and commentform (particularly) shown fully when on a single_article page.

so here’s how i successfully managed this on mine…


Bookmarklets for a "Blog This" feature

Offers a tag for bookmarklets feature, like “blog this”.

article vs. article_custom

difference between txp:article and txp:article_custom

<txp:article /> is NOT the same as <txp:article_custom />
They cannot be interchanged. This is perhaps one of the most common confusions for Textpatterners.

External Javascript In TXP

It’s possible to use the CSS database in Textpattern to store external javascript so that it doesn’t have to be embedded in the page template.


Txp Plugin Template for Developers

The original Textpattern plugin template.

Style-switcher (non-plugin)

Style-switcher script, independent of Textpattern code

A nice little style-switcher script that can work independently of Textpattern, and can be set up with very little fuss.

Section and Category Pull-down Menus

Create article pull-down menus, by section or category.

Creating a pull-down menu (also known as a “jump” or “select” or popup menu) of…

Display Section Title

The original contents of this tip are outdated, and no longer necessary. See the section…

Using Phplist for a newsletter in Textpattern

Here are the steps involved for including the Phplist newsletter in your textpattern site.

Editing user priveleges

Change user permissions

See TextBook entries: User Roles and Permissions Modifying User Account Roles and Privileges

Including PHP scripts

Enable php includes and scripts in Textpattern

Are you trying to embed PHP scripts or run php includes in your Textpattern site? not working?

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