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a comment based (star) rating system for articles

A comment based (star) rating system for articles.

SMS paid content

SMS paid content (english/русская) versions

For using this module you have to be registered at .
English: Registration
Russian: Регистрация
Every visitor of your resource is given an opportunity to vote for it.
User votes by sending a certain message to the specified number by the means of sms; a percent of the message’s cost gets added to your account in our system.
At the beginning of each month all your earnings will be transferred to you via WebMoney or CardMoney.


a simple shopping cart for textpattern with paypal and google checkout

Simple shopping cart for textpattern with some useful features (e.g. dynamic encrypted paypal checkout and google checkout).


wfCart session based shopping cart with Google Checkout

This plugin is designed to be a simple starting point for the development of a…

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