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Flat theme management plugin for Textpattern

This plugin makes your Textpattern CMS database more flat, manageable and editable. Edit templates, forms,…


Create custom Txp tags containing any functionality you choose

Define custom macros from other Txp/plugin tags and use those macros as if they were built-in tags via <txp:my_tag />


Temporarily override global preference

This is a tiny little Textpattern plugin that let’s you temporarily override site preferences in templates. This is useful if perhaps you want to slightly alter the global behaviour of articles or comments (for example) in a particular section. The preference is not altered in the database, just in the template.


Create, edit, import, export, and allow users to switch admin-side themes from the TXP interface

Manage and edit admin-side themes from a convenient interface. Export zipped packages for sharing with the community and perform one-click import of other themes. Allow users to switch themes or set certain themes for particular user roles.


Alternate stylesheet management and Javascript style switcher

Display a list of alternate stylesheets to your visitors and have this plugin manage the links for you through the magic of jQuery.


Rapid Template Versioning

This plugin exports your pages, forms and styles to a specified folder and autoloads modified…


Merges several css files into one request

Merges several css files into one request


Typogrify for Textpattern: Widow Control + CSS Hooks for Improved Typography

The aam_typogrify brings the typographical goodies of Django’s Typogrify text filters to Textpattern. Four template…



Provides a template tag to allow for more robust customization of the display of the…


Stores JavaScript files within the database and handles them similar to CSS files.

Stores JavaScript files within the database and handles them similar to CSS files.


Converts XHTML to HTML

This plugin converts XHTML self-closing, “ />,” tags to HTML ones (”>”). All you have…

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