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an7_img is a Textpattern plugin used for image insertion and simplified integration of any standard Lightbox style script. Three image handling tags allow you to insert a plain image, an image thumbnail with lightbox script formatting (opening the full size image in a dynamic popup), or insert an entire folder of images as a series of thumbnails (each one a lightbox script link).

This plugin doesn’t use Textpattern image numbers or categories, nor does it automatically make thumbnails. Since I don’t use Textpattern image handling anyway, it does the job elegantly (speaking of which, if you want to use Textpattern IDs and Categories for your images, I’d recommend smd_lightbox).

As of version 0.4, it correctly uses the Textpattern article ID as the gallery set for the litebox script. I highly recommend using Slimbox as the Lightbox script, as it’s beautifully small in size, keyboard navigation is easy, and the CSS is a simple set of classes.

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7th Jan 2007
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20 Jan 2007

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