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This plugin creates a streaming, animated slideshow of images. Here is an example.


The effects library has been tested on Internet Explorer 6+, Mozilla (Netscape, Fire Fox, Camino), Opera 9 and Konqueror (Safari). It is recommended to use a Strict doctype. To work as intended, all images must be the same size. The plugin outputs an HTML img within a bounding div. If there are display problems you may need to adjust the CSS of the div and / or the img within the div in your stylesheets. Use the default class slideshow to target the div, or assign your own using the class attribute. For example, if your images are floating you will need to set the CSS float property for the bounding div in your stylesheet. Almost all issues with slideshow layout or visual quirks (jumping in position between fades) can be resolved by tweaking the CSS – usually by removing styles from the img and applying them to the div.

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21 May 2006

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