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Yeah, ok, it’s another lightbox gallery plugin! But this one uses Christophe Beyl’s Slimbox – an ultra-lightweight implementation. If size really does matter, this one’s for you.

Display images by category and/or ID; either specified in the plugin options or deferred to one of the custom fields (or the article ID) so you can make article-based galleries. Negation of categories and IDs is supported (i.e. show me all images except the ones in the blah category/section, or all images except image id X).

Display customised caption/alt text with the thumbnails, group the images, add headers, sort them, split them into navigable pages and style it all with copious dollops of CSS. Also now localisable using MLP.

Requires smd_lib

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19th Jan 2007
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19 Jan 2007

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