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This plugin allows users to register themselves for Textpattern accounts.

This plugin is designed to enable community driven sites. Users will be able to register themselves for an account to access the system.


Allow registered users to change and reset password

A companion for cbe_frontauth: users can change and reset passwords for frontend.


Manage many users, groups and privilege settings from a single interface

Maintaining many user accounts (e.g. self-registered accounts) is no longer a chore. Provides complete user, privilege and group (role) management.


Authors can connect from frontend to their backend account

This plugin answers an old question asked in the french forum: se connecter depuis une page du site.

It can be summarized as “I want to be able from the site to connect to my Textpattern account, and if I am connected to see something special for me”.


Displays link to authors posts if they have published an article.

Useful for team pages


Switch the role of Publisher account(s) on-the-fly and navigate the admin side as that user level would.

Alter the privileges of Publisher accounts on-the-fly to experience the admin side as that user level.


Unlog me and site admin

Escape logging. Strip Textpattern’s visitor logs from records caused by site admins and staff, and IPs of your choosing.


Output special class name on admin comments

What does it do? Renders classname if commentator’s e-mail matches your parameter. Usage <txp:gva_commentclass authormail=""…


Collect any additional bio info for your TXP user base. It's like custom fields for authors.

Completely configure additional biographical information for TXP authors. Phone, cell, address, department, preferred contact mechanism, favourite ice cream flavour, whatever you wish. Data is collected via the standard Admin->User tab.


Author bio/profile section plus glue to continue using built-in author functionality

Link author names to a section containing an article per author, much like bos_author, but also provides some extra behind-the-scenes glue between author sections and article searches by author name.


Edit user level privileges

This plugin allows to modify user level privileges with the help of an interface located under the “extensions” tab.


Create a profile for each author on your site.

Create a profile for authors on your site. Including: job title, personal web site address (uri/url), nickname, slogan, bio, phone and fax numbers, start date and image


Access the author's username and email address, and modify the real name display.

This plugin provides access to an author’s username and email address. It can also modify…


Use TXP admin user privileges on public side

Several tags that enable you to make use of the fact that a visitor is logged in on the admin side of Textpattern.

SED Comment Pack

A bunch of tags to help you format your comments.

v0.6 New tags to track ‘new’ comments.

Style your comments easily with this set of tags.

It checks comments against the TXP authors on the site to see if it should be marked as an author comment—good for sites with multiple contributing authors.


A little change to display author's page link

Really simple replacement for txp:author. If you define a section with ‘section’ attribute you’ll have…


Workflow allows users to easily hand over an article’s authorship to another site author, without having to edit user permissions.


Allows checking name of commenter against article author or custom list of names

Conditional output based on comparing the name, email, and/or url of the commenter. You could…


Allows for the conditional display of data based on the article author.


This plugin displays the article author’s name as a mailto link using HTML entity encoding.


Define information for authors

This plugin provides the ability to also define a URL, nickname, bio, email and image…


Formatted contact cards redux

This plugin produces a list of authors and administrators for a site with additional contact…


Formatted contact cards

This plugin creates a formatted list of the authors and administrators for a Textpattern driven…

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