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Meta tag plugin for improving your site’s SEO

Meta tag plugin for improving your site’s SEO and getting more out of social marketing.


Display word count and comments

wet_article_info is a plugin that displays word counts for body and excerpt on the Content…


Avoid hazardous indexing

How to prevent indexing a test site and to serve (or not) content according to a given production status.


Change metas after page rendering

Set or change html page <title>.. , <meta name="keywords"... , <meta name="description"... on runtime inside…


Have users rate articles

Let your users rate articles with a plus or minus (yes/no, thumbs up/down) using this refresh-less javascript-reliant plugin!


Simple plugin for automatic metainformation

A Textpattern plugin used for SEO. The plugin includes basic SEO tools, from semi-automatic metainformation…


Textpattern Meta Description Generator

Providing the “description” meta tag is widely known as a good SEO practice. On top of that, it helps differentiate site’s pages, which prevents search engines from seeing them as duplicated content. It becomes then especially useful in a very special case of blogs. This plugin generates such a meta tag basing on the first words of the article, ending the quotation with horizontal ellipsis (…).


XFN Plugin - Represent human relationships using hyperlinks

XFNXHTML Friendly Network outlines the relationships between individuals by defining a small set of values that describe personal relationships. In HTML and XHTML documents, these are given as values for the rel attribute on a hyperlink. XFN allows authors to indicate which of the weblogs they read belong to friends, whom they’ve physically met, and other personal relationships. Using XFN values, which can be listed in any order, people can humanize their blogrolls and links pages, both of which have become a common feature of weblogs.

xor_metatools 0.4.4

XOR MetaTools

XOR MetaTools can convert and display a variety of different string keywords into intelligible information,…


Generate the 'robots' meta information for a page

I’ve written a simple plugin to generate the meta information used by the google bot to decide whether to index a page or not.


Meta description and keywords tags

Thought it would be neat to have the use of the meta description and keywords…

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