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Builds links to articles, images, sections and categories

Textpattern plugin builds links to articles, images, sections and categories. wet_link is largely based on…


Tag iTunes/iBooks/App Store links with affiliate IDs to earn commissions.

This plug-in will update appropriate URLs with versions tagged with your iTunes Affiliate Program affiliate…


Google-like pagination for articles and other lists.

Based on the orphaned ob1_pagination plugin, etc_pagination inherits most of its features and adds the possibility to fully customize its output.


Simple bookmarklet to easily add links

This plugin allows you to use a bookmarklet to add links to your Textpattern site.…


Passes argument to php rawurlencode function

sho_urlencode is an extremely simple plugin similar to etz_striptags. It passes its argument to the…


Admin-side plugin to control Managed Links date

Once the plugin is enabled, the Content | Links edit form will offer Date and…


Enhanced links

Summary adi_link will output links from various sources, with custom attributes. Once installed and activated,…


Sanitize text between opening & closing tag for use in a URL

This plug-in implements a container tag (mta_sanitize) which will “sanitize” any text contained between the opening & closing tag for use in a URL. This is a wrapper around the built-in sanitizeForUrl() function and will also parse other textpattern tags that it contains.


linklist with modifications

This plugin works like the built in txp:linklist. But opposite to the built in tag,…

jra_link_to_next & jra_link_to_prev

variation on link_to_next/prev with sort

These 2 article tags are replacements for link_to_next and link_to_prev which offer additional section and sort attributes to better reflect the position in the list.


Easy External Link Creation

This plugin is a hack to get around the fact that Textpattern doesn’t have a native way to create links with a target=”_blank”.


This small plugin contains a tag txp:msv_link (an extension of txp:link used in the link form) that can add any attributes into HTML links.

This small plugin contains a tag txp:msv_link (an extension of txp:link used in the link…


semi-smart tag that links sections to specified feed links.

semi-smart tag that links sections to specified feed links.

wet_linkinfo: Display various elements of a Textpattern-managed link

Extract a managed link's properties

wet_linkinfo is a plugin which takes a link id number and returns either the results…


Simple Blogroll plugin to credit commenters on your Site

Simple blogroll plugin, for only trusted Commenters of your Site. This is aimed mainly for a sectionfrontpage sidebar display, to credit your commenters with a couple of outclicks.


create custom permlink and pagelink url rules

gbp_permanent_links will let you create custom permlink and pagelink url rules to will automatically be used by Textpattern to link to articles and archive pages.


Article image thumbnail display

wet_article_thumb displays the thumbnail which belongs to an article’s image. Optionally the thumbnail is linked…


XFN Plugin - Represent human relationships using hyperlinks

XFNXHTML Friendly Network outlines the relationships between individuals by defining a small set of values that describe personal relationships. In HTML and XHTML documents, these are given as values for the rel attribute on a hyperlink. XFN allows authors to indicate which of the weblogs they read belong to friends, whom they’ve physically met, and other personal relationships. Using XFN values, which can be listed in any order, people can humanize their blogrolls and links pages, both of which have become a common feature of weblogs.


Customizable M.gnolia link roll

mcw_ma_gnolia is a TextPattern plugin that generates an accessible and customizable Ma.gnolia link roll for use on your website without the use of client-side JavaScript. Download it now, and start playing!

Updated 17. June, 2006 — Version 0.4


Easy social bookmarking of your posts

ako_social, easy social bookmarking of your posts.


Filters article thumbnails by various criteria

Link specific thumbnails to their articles


A little change to display author's page link

Really simple replacement for txp:author. If you define a section with ‘section’ attribute you’ll have…


Posted Dates for Links

This plugin is not needed anymore, the functionality is now available in the core (v.4.0.4).…


Link Category Listing w/ count

This plugin generates a listing of hyperlinked link category names with an optional display of…


Fetch and display a bloglines blogroll

Retrieves a list of links provided by a shared Bloglines blogroll and formats them in a Textpattern-familiar way.


custom permalinks plugin

This is a plugin for custom permalinks.


Image slideshow plugin

Displays Next and Previous buttons for use in image slideshows, either with text links or with thumbnails, and display series of photographs organised according to category.


Returns url of article; also for a pulldown menu of articles by section

This plugin is no longer needed, this ability is now supported by the built-in tag,…


connects individual article to link categories

This plugin gives you two more txp-tags:
txp:bas_links_per_article and txp:bas_if_links_per_article


Creates url_titles for articles without one.

The titles it generates is identical to the one in the normal permlinks that Txp…

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