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Easy cross-reference an article in custom fields.

With this small Textpattern CMS plugin you can assign an article in another articles custom field for a cross-reference. You can select the articles by an dropdown of article titles.


This plugin allows users to register themselves for Textpattern accounts.

This plugin is designed to enable community driven sites. Users will be able to register themselves for an account to access the system.


Ace for Textpattern

With this plugin you can embed Ace code editor to several Textpattern’s admin-side sections. The editor is loaded using CDN.


Edit robot.txt with Textpattern

Edit the robots.txt file at website’s root with this Textpattern plugin. After activating it a new extension tab is created, which can be accessed by any Textpattern user with Publisher privileges.


Enhanced file tab

adi_file_tab is an enhancement to the standard File edit tab: display file ID, file size,…


A replacement for upm_savenew.

Copy the current article content to a new one.


Remembers the selected categories in write tab.

Remembers the selected categories in write tab.


Swap "Body" and "Excerpt" input fields

Puts the “Excerpt” field before the “Body” in Write tab.


Meta tag plugin for improving your site’s SEO

Meta tag plugin for improving your site’s SEO and getting more out of social marketing.


This plugin is provided by the GroupDocs’ document assembly service. It allows you to easily…


sections come first in a form of a prompt

Present authors with a section prompt before opening up the Write panel’s editor.


CodeMirror syntax highlighting + Zen Coding

A syntax-highlighting plugin for Textpattern admin – now with Zen Coding (Pages, Forms & CSS).


Insert images from the Write tab

Select images that have already been uploaded to Textpattern and add them to articles directly…


external file editor/management plugin

An external file editor plugin.
Create, edit and delete external (to Textpattern) files in Textpattern admin.


JavaScript management

Create, edit and delete scripts in Textpattern admin and export on save to external files. Now with added minification.


Cron inside Textpattern

Simple cron inside Textpattern. In cron job you may use any PHP code and call…


Admin-side form links

adi_form_links is another plugin designed to speed up workflow. It gives you a list of…


Enhanced Page Tab

This plugin is an enhancement to the standard TXP Page templates tab to give you:…


Does a little house cleaning on new Textpattern installations.

Allows you to quickly cleanup the default content on your new Textpattern installations.

Additionally allows you to install plugins, script other changes to the preferences and configure the presentation layer.


Manage many users, groups and privilege settings from a single interface

Maintaining many user accounts (e.g. self-registered accounts) is no longer a chore. Provides complete user, privilege and group (role) management.


Enhanced image tab

adi_image_tab provides an enhancement to the standard TXP Image Edit tab: displays image ID, dimensions,…


Access key generation for protecting TXP content/downloads

Lock content (pages, downloads) for a specified time or number of accesses so only visitors in possession of the correct key can view the resource


Create custom admin-side menu structures and populate with content from Pages

Ease your clients’ workflow by creating additional menu tabs/hierarchies and populating them with content from TXP Pages/Stylesheets.


Hide and style admin items on a per user or privileges level basis

Hide and style admin items on a per user or privileges level basis via css. A light, raw but more powerful replacement for the old ied_hide_in_admin


Deluxe installer (currently for plugins only)

Simply browse the and click the shiny “install”-button instead of the tired old "download…


Customizable menu page

This (my first txp plugin written from scratch) provides a customizable menu page. Because it…


This plugin help creating multiple categories at once.

This plugin help creating multiple categories at once. Installation Require textpattern 4.3.0 or above Activate…


Monitor your web site files and alarm if anything changes

Keep an eye on your Textpattern installation by monitoring server files and alerting you if anything for changes (additions, deletion or alterations)


Automatically resize uploaded images

Textpattern 4.2.0+ and GD required. Textpattern 4.3.0 required to handle PNGs with alpha transparency.
Download here.

Please see the forum thread for more details and support.


Admin splash page

Textpattern 4.2.0+ recommended, tested and working as low as 4.0.7 however. Download here.

Please see the TXP Tip and forum thread for more details and support.

All 1086 articles are stored in the treasure rooms that are the Archives.
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