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Summary adi_webhook provides a mechanism to easily implement webhooks on Textpattern websites. It waits for…


Your Texpattern websites ready for AMP

A Textpattern Conditional Plugin for Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages Project (AMP).
A forked version of original plugin by Michael K. Pate with lot of options.


Need to have a default article status other than _Live_? Well now you can.

Need to have a default article status other than Live? Well now you can. Just…

Don't disable plugins on the "Admin/Plugins"-tab

Benefits: keep the “Extensions”-tab always visible allow plugins like the indispensible soo_editarea to work on…


Conditional tags for forms

Lately, I’ve been writing Textpattern pages for relatively complex sites that do things like this:…


Tipattern is the hard mod of the Textpattern CMS, based on 4.0.8 r3205 and add…

Textpattern interface restyled for 4.0.6

A 4.0.6 update to Dan Hoy's admin theme/mod

A 4.0.6 update to Dan Hoy’s admin theme/mod


Textpattern plugin decoder

ort_plugindecode.php is a script that allows you to decode a Textpattern plugin in order to get a source .php file you can edit and modify and then compile using the standard zem_tpl.

It has three different modes: textpattern plugin adds an easy to use tab to the administrative interface of Textpattern, command line mode works from the command line (just like zem_tpl does). Web mode works in a php enabled web server and you can invoke it from a standard browser.


Itemstats-Implementation in Textpattern

If you ever wanted to use that nifty Itemstats-Functionality in your Articles you should give this implementation a try.

Textpattern Interface Re-Styled for 4.0.5

The Original Textpattern Interface Re-Styled had such a positive response, I figured it is good to keep things up to date on my download page. So here is the official release for Textpattern 4.05

(Updated) Textpattern Interface Restyled

PLEASE NOTE: If you downloaded this before, you’ll need to download the new one to…

Textpattern Interface Re-Styled

During the process of building my site in Textpattern, I came across a redesigned interface package at a site called Empty Spaces. I was inspired by what they did and started playing around with the css…

Textplates '07 Launched

The 2nd annual Textpattern Template Competition, Textplates ‘07, is finally here. The competition is back…

Multi-Lingual Publishing Pack

Easily build multi-lingual sites using textpattern!

The MLP Pack is an extension pack for Textpattern that allows you to easily build and maintain multi-lingual websites and manage translations.

modding comment input field lengths (4.0.3)

modding comment input field lengths in textpattern/publish/comment.php

Serve your site as application/xhtml+xml

If you want to serve your Textpattern site with the proper MIME type, you need…

Admin Panel Image Sorting

Image Sorting in the Admin Panel

A modification that allows one to sort by category or article id as well as the standard sorting options on the image tab of your admin panel.

Hungarian transalation for TXP!

Hungarian Language file

So, I’ve decided to take the textpattern to my mother language.

Make RSS links displayable in browser

Make RSS links displayable in firefox

Make firefox and IE render the RSS feed instead of prompting to download it. will…

Moving the /textpattern/ folder

Ask yourself these two questions:

  • Have you ever had the urge to move the textpattern directory somewhere else and use it as a section instead?
  • Do you have a site that you want some tightened security and therefore keep the admin part of TXP on the encrypted secure https server?

Did you anser yes to any of the questions? Great, then keep on reading.

Add link to comments in feeds

A one-line addition to rss.php and atom.php to add a link to comments from within feeds

A simple one-line addition to both rss.php and atom.php will allow for displaying a link to comments inside the body of your website’s feeds:


Highlights the search terms that brought a visitor from Google

Custom fields for files

adding custom fields to supplement RC3 file support feature

I updated to RC3 and love the file support, but I was missing one thing: custom fields for additional informations like file author. So today I tried to implement it and it works good for me. I decided to share this hack with people who are new to php or who have no time to do it themselves.

Better Remembered Commenters

Have comments welcome back visitors instead of redisplaying entire comment form for regular visitors.

Molding Textpattern XML Feeds

Customize XML feeds to allow for both full articles and excerpts.

Removing Comment Previews

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to remove the comments preview function from Textpattern. It involves publish/comments.php in your Textpattern folder, and I would advise backing up the file before you make any changes.


Tags for category display

Adds three tags. Two are replacements for category_list and category_popup which are section-sensitive, i.e. they…

mdp_automatic_randt mod

Automatic Resize & Thumbnails

TXP Hack to automatically create thumbnails from uploaded JPEG’s

Automatic Acronyms

Enhances acronym handling

Automatically convert common acronyms like XML, HTML, TXP without having to define them via the ACRO method. You can still define your own acronym’s.


Replace built-in Textile with TextilePHP

This is a fairly involved hack for TXP that allows one to use TextilePHP, or any other suitable replacement for Textile, quite easily.

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