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  • creates a JS-based gallery of all picture files found in a specified directory, with preloading and graceful degradation.
  • needs only 1 parameter: the directory containing the pics
  • Sort order is generated from the filenames.
    Caution: no extended sanity checking on filenames
  • Image descriptions are generated from the filenames
  • numerical selection list, definable via CSS class “gallery”

Tested with 4.0.4. and PHP5 only
Demo: link

Based on “Textpattern Gallery 1.21” by Max Ziebell and Jeremy Keith. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.5. Please drop me a note if you use this plugin on your site (just curious).

Feedback is appreciated. You may find some inelegant code since I’m no web developer but a C and assembler guy.

Update Nov 7: Version 0.3
– Includes the bugfix by Christophe Beyls.
– trailing slash bug fixed, e.g. “www.mydomain/gallery/” works
– image sorting by trailing numbers didn´t work properly
– extended error codes
Note: not yet thoroughly tested

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17 Sep 2006

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