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Minor iteration fixing docs & adding links & fixing mysql query.


Refactored the code. Added user-defined custom fields and display by category.


I changed the name. You will need to re-upload/re-install the support file.

I ported a new textpattern plugin in from the code done by Harvey Kane for A List Apart Issue #219 in an article called Automatic Magazine Layout.

<txp:wlk_mp images="21|20|19" width="410" />

I like how easy it was to make this plugin thanks to the amazing people and community writing about how to get things done in textpattern. The issue that this brought up with me, though, is that, while my plugin is easy to use for the people who design, install and make textpattern, it’s hard for clients to deal with. How do they know what a “pipe-delimited” string is? I’d like to see easier to use and extend back-ends. Not just easier-to-add-a-little-piece-in-that-doesn’t-really-fit systems.

I made this plugin output absolutely nothing if there are no images found. So feel free to put it in your default article form, and only use it when you feel like it.

Here’s the plugin links:

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17 Sep 2006

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