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Shamelessly based on dru_random_image, this extends the idea to enable banner advertising for other products/sections in your site. The banner advert can be an image, animated gif, or embedded video/flash file (swfobject.js is supported) and can also link to a product page if you wish.

The randomness can be enhanced by using a good naming convention and/or sub-categorising your images. The plugin can be told to include or exclude images/files that match certain words in the current article being viewed.

Wildcard support automatically allows the “current” section, title, category, article ID or fieldname to be used as words to match / avoid or as image/file categories. Lists of categories/IDs are supported and options can be combined to create powerful rules.

It was initially designed for advertising “other products on this site” (or affiliates on other web sites?) without showing the customer an advert for the product they are currently looking at.

It also tags banners, allowing rudimentary click monitoring via TextPattern’s logs to see which ads are working best with the highest click-through rates.

Supports the Multi-Lingual Pack for localisation of image alt/caption.

Requires smd_lib

Article Request Count:
Initially released:
16 May 2006
Posted here:
16 May 2006

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