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Instagram recent images gallery

Display Instagram user infos and recent images.


Multiple image upload

This plugin allows you to upload images when editing articles.
This allows you to quickly and easily create beautiful gallery using this plug & smd_gallery.


Insert images from the Write tab

Select images that have already been uploaded to Textpattern and add them to articles directly…


Enhanced image tab

adi_image_tab provides an enhancement to the standard TXP Image Edit tab: displays image ID, dimensions,…


Create and manage multiple image thumbnails of arbitrary dimensions

Add, remove and manage as many different sized image thumbnails as you like associated with your main image


Automatically resize uploaded images

Textpattern 4.2.0+ and GD required. Textpattern 4.3.0 required to handle PNGs with alpha transparency.
Download here.

Please see the forum thread for more details and support.


Upload, edit, sort and preview article image

This plugin allows to upload, edit, sort and preview article images directly from the ‘write’ tab.



sho_bluff is an easy way to add charts to your articles or site by using…


Bit more options to article images, with same simplicity.

Bit more options to article images, with same simplicity.


Counts images and provides a conditional tag

This plugin provides two new tags:

  • <txp:ckr_image_count /> – output the count of all images
  • <txp:ckr_if_image_count></txp:ckr_if_image_count> – a conditional tag


Embed your SmugMug photos into your web-pages

This plugin can be used for embedding photos from your SmugMug account into your Textpattern site.


Article Image Selector with Preview

Article Image Selector with Preview Adds an article image select box showing all available images…

Article Image Selector

Article Image Selector

Here is a nice light weight image selector that actually works, just enable the plugin…


Image output plugin.

Functions like <txp:image_index /> with support for forms, multiple categories and more.


Simple yet powerful image tags

Image tags that give image display the same kind of flexibility and power Txp already gives you for article display.


Inserts article images in feeds

This simple plugin adds the article image (if one is specified) to an RSS or…

EBL Image Edit

Advanced Image Editing Plugin for Textpattern

Announcing the introduction of EBL Image Edit. This plugin introduces advanced image editing functionality to…


Shows the image associated with an article in the "write" tab

Once activated, this plugin will show the image associated with an article in the “write” tab.


Gallery 2 Image Block

This plugin will allow you to include Gallery 2 Image Blocks for a local gallery…


Allows you to display an image with an assigned caption as image-caption.

This plugin allows you to display an image with an assigned caption as caption :). The width of the caption will always fits the width of the displayed image.


Loads Flickr photos in the Write tab for easy photo blogging

Loads Flickr photos in the Write tab for easy photo blogging


Incredibly flexible gallery generation using forms for layout

A ridiculously flexible gallery generator that uses forms and replacement tags to customise its output. Can morph into hundreds of gallery types limited by your imagination. Javascript knowledge useful (but not required) to get the most out of the plugin.


multiple image uploads, batch image resizing

This plugin allows multiple image uploads, complete with batch image resizing, thumbnailing, and inserting this…


improved upload images from the write tab

download here: lam_image_uploader v0.6c Allows you to upload images via the Write tab. Based on…


on-the-fly article image resizing and display

download here: v0.1 (includes 3rd party image.php script and lam_dynamic_image.txt) lam_dynamic_image (on-the-fly image resizing…


IE Transparent PNG Replacer

IE Transparent PNG Replacer Plugin and help file adapted from Justin Koivisto at DESCRIPTION…


Simple JS/CSS image slideshow.

A simple, no-frills (or, well, very-few-frills) image slideshow plugin, using a minimal amount of Javascript…


Inline image uploading within “write” tab.


Add a “wet floor” reflection to images

Pattern by

Add a glossy shiny image effect to all images, as seen on many “Web2.0” style sites on Apple’s iPod adverts trails.


Brings Sexif ToolTip Data to your Gallery

Among custom sorting options by either Image Category or custom string, this plugin brings slimbox and custom Tooltips to your Gallery thumbnails, that display the EXIF Data of your Image.

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