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Image output plugin. Functions like <txp:image_index /> with a few distinct advantages:

  • form attribute gives complete control over output. The form uses tokens (e.g. {url}, {caption}, etc.) to easily output image attributes
  • select from multiple categories, a single category or all categories
  • select images with thumbnails, without thumbnails, or either

Tag attributes

c=“category name[, additional categories, . . .]”
Restrict to articles from specified image category/ies.
Default: unset, retrieves from all image categories.
To select from currently viewed category, set c attribute to c=’<txp:category />’
form=“form name”
the form that will be used to display each record in the result set
dateformat=“PHP format character(s)”
How the date will be displayed in the form
For formatting options see
Default: j M Y
Whether to select only those images which have thumbnails (1), only those without thumbnails (0), or either (2)
Default: 1
The number of images to skip
Default: 0
The number of images to display
Default: 0
sort=“sort value(s)”
How to sort resulting list
Default: date desc
label=“label text”
Label for the top of the list
Default: unset
labeltag=“label tag”
Wraptag for label for top of the list
Default: unset
(x)HTML tag to be used as the wraptag (without brackets)
Default: unset
Wrap tag (without brackets) or text to be used as the line break
Default: unset
class=“class name”
CSS class attribute applied to wraptag
Default: unset

Form tokens

You can use the following tokens in your form:

  • {id} – image ID
  • {name} – original image filename including extension
  • {category} – image category name
  • {ext} – file extension
  • {w} – image width (px)
  • {thumbw} – thumbnail width
  • {h} – image height
  • {thumbh} – thumbnail height
  • {alt} – alternative text
  • {caption}
  • {date} – posted date. Format determined by dateformat attribute declared in tag (see above)
  • {author}
  • {dims} – image dimensions, e.g. width=“800” height=“600”
  • {thumbdims} – thumbnail dimensions, e.g. width=“100” height=“100”
  • {url} – image URL
  • {thumburl} – thumbnail URL



<txp:rcb_image_index form=“gallery” wraptag=“ul” break=“li” class=“gallery” />

Form (‘gallery’):

<a href=”{url}”><img src=”{thumburl}” {thumbdims} alt=”{alt}” /></a>
<p>{Caption}, posted {date}</p>

The above example is ideal for integration with many javascript lightbox/gallery scripts, which usually require a thumbnail image to link directly to the full-sized image.

Article Request Count:
Initially released:
28th May 2009
Posted here:
28 May 2009

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