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This plugin provides two new tags:

  • <txp:ckr_image_count /> – output the count of all images
  • <txp:ckr_if_image_count></txp:ckr_if_image_count> – a conditional tag


Counting images with ckr_image_count

Place the <txp:ckr_image_count /> tag wherever you want the count to appear. The tag supports one attribute called category. If set to a category’s name, only images within will be counted.


<txp:ckr_image_count /> – displays the count of all images
<txp:ckr_image_count category="mycategory" /> – displays the count of images within given category


Using the conditional tag ckr_if_image_count

Place the <txp:ckr_if_image_count></txp:ckr_if_image_count> tags wherever you want to check for the given condition. The tag supports the category attribute as well and in addition to it the following four: min, max, equal, not. At least one of them must be given, only min and max can be combined. Furthermore it offers support for Textpattern’s internal <txp:else /> tag.

Simple examples:

<txp:ckr_if_image_count min="3">
    At least 3 images available.
<txp:ckr_if_image_count max="5">
    There are not more than 5 images available.

Examples for combining category and any condition:

<txp:ckr_if_image_count category="mycategory" equal="5">
    Category "mycategory" contains 5 images.
<txp:ckr_if_image_count category="mycategory" not="5">
    Category "mycategory" contains anything but 5 images.

Examples for combining min and max attribute:

<txp:ckr_if_image_count min="1" max="5">
    There's at least more than 1 image, but less (or equal) than 5 images.
<txp:ckr_if_image_count category="mycategory" min="1" max="5">
    Category "mycategory" contains more than 1 image, but less (or equal) than 5 images.

Example for using the txp:else block:

<txp:ckr_if_image_count equal="7">
    There are exactly 7 images available.
<txp:else />
    There are anything but 7 images available.


Combining ckr_if_image_count with ckr_if_image_count

Of course you can combine both tags in case you need to master a complex situation. Take a look at the following example to get a brief overview of what can be accomplished.


<txp:ckr_if_image_count category="mycategory" min="3">
    Category "mycategory" contains at least 
    <txp:ckr_image_count category="mycategory" /> images.
<txp:else />
    Category "mycategory" doesn't contain enough images.
    At least 3 are needed.
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23 Jul 2009
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23 Jul 2009

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