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EBL Image Edit

Announcing the introduction of EBL Image Edit. This plugin introduces advanced image editing functionality to Textpattern 4.07 / 4.08. Users may now custom crop, resize, rotate, and create custom thumbnails directly within Textpattern.

This plugin allows for functions previously only available in image-editing programs. It allows for users, at any terminal which they’re logged in to to do the following:

  • Cropping: The original uploaded image can be edited to cut out parts that are not desired and keep only those important facets of the original image.
  • Thumbnail Crop: Make a thumbnail show not the entire image, but just enough to pique interest.
  • Rotate: For those pictures that are sideways or upside down. Users may rotate the image clockwise 90°, counterclockwise 90° or rotate a full 180 90°.
  • Resize: Many digital images are just too large to be shown on the web. This option allows for excessively sized images to be scaled down. Built into the resizing function is the ability to maintain the original height to width ratio, so images will never seem squished one way or the other.
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27 Jan 2009

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