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This plugin allows to upload, edit and show article images within the ‘write’ tab.
Similar in concept to my other plugin bot_file_upload it uses a modal window to add and edit images. Moreover it shows a preview of the article image directly in the ‘write’ tab thus incorporating someway my old plugin ‘bot_show_image’.

The plugin does not alter texpattern natural behavieur, it just operates at a visual level hiding the field and replacing it with an interface. Under the skin, images are still stored normally as comma separated values.

The plugin has no configuration interface. If you want to change some settings you can easily edit them directly in the plugins code. Go to plugins>edit and search for ‘Global preferences – Configuration’ in the first lines. Read instructions for more help.

  • Multiple fields (“article image” or any other custom field) can be set for the plugin to operate.
  • A field can be set to accept single or multiple images
  • Image thumbnails associated with an article are shown in the ‘write’ tab
  • Drag’n‘drop support for easy images sorting in the ‘write’ tab’
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08 Jul 2010

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