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Use SASS for CSS output

This plugin allows the use of SASS for CSS preprocessing within Textpattern. It will compile…


Embed math formulae in textpattern articles.

Embed math formulae and other Latex-rendered output in textpattern articles.


Syntax highlighting using pygments

This plugin adds syntax hightlighting to textpattern based on Pygments, a powerful highlighting engine.


Use a style saved within Textpattern as the admin CSS

dds_admin_style is a Textpattern plugin that enables two features for the Textpattern Admin 1. Select…


Alternate stylesheet management and Javascript style switcher

Display a list of alternate stylesheets to your visitors and have this plugin manage the links for you through the magic of jQuery.


Re-bases Textile headings in articles to preserve hierarchy

This plugin is useful if you want to ensure that the headings marked up with…


Static CSS caching

This plugin automatically stores a copy of your style sheet(s) as a static file. Static…


Endmark/glyph for last paragraph

Put a glyph inside the end of your article’s last paragraph to indicate the end.


Timed CSS Stylesheet Swapper

Timed CSS Stylesheet Swapper This plugin changes the stylesheet based on the time. zen_css will…


fox_code is a bridge to thepowerful GeSHi syntax highlighter (110+ languages supported).

fox_code (Textpattern 4.4 compatible) is a bridge to the powerful GeSHi syntax highlighter (110+ languages supported). It allows you to customize your code sections thanks to it’s integration with textpattern’s templates.


Typogrify for Textpattern: Widow Control + CSS Hooks for Improved Typography

The aam_typogrify brings the typographical goodies of Django’s Typogrify text filters to Textpattern. Four template…


Add a “wet floor” reflection to images

Pattern by

Add a glossy shiny image effect to all images, as seen on many “Web2.0” style sites on Apple’s iPod adverts trails.


Syntax highlighting for CSS, PHP and (X)HTML

Syntax highlighting for CSS, PHP and (X)HTML. For right now, please see the forum thread…


Syntax-Highlighting for code with GeSHi

ske_geshi is a plugin for Textpattern which allows you to post some code snippets in a friendly and clear manner. The syntax will be highlighted using the fabolous Generic Syntax Highlighter GeSHi.


Parse TXP tags in CSS

Allows parseing of TXP tags in CSS.


ako_boxover, bringing the Boxover tooltips script to Textpattern.

ako_boxover, bringing the Boxover Tooltips script to Textpattern.


Customise the Txp admin interface with CSS

This little plugin lets you add your own stylesheet to the TXP Admin Interface so that you can customse it with your own styles.


A plugin to generate html for rendering text in multiple columns.

This is a little plugin that makes columns by taking any html (usually article bodies)…


Textarea and Input Field Resizing

The rss_admin_resize plugin allows you to customize the size of the primary textareas and input…


Custom stylesheets per article

Allows for conditional stylesheets on a per-article basis.


Switch hyperlink generator

fla_altlist_link is a style-switch hyperlink generator. It allows you to easily and quickly create links to alternate stylesheets switcher with fla_style_switcher .


Style switcher

fla_style_switcher is a stylesheet switching system. It enables a cookie-based style switcher system, based on Build a PHP Switcher by Chris Clark, published on

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