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If you’ve tried all the easy gallery plugins and none of them quite fit the bill, this one might just do what you want.


  • Supports all current and (probably) future gallery scripts including thumbpop, rollover, tooltip, lightbox, litebox, slimbox, moonbox, thickbox, slideshow, fancyzoom, etc
  • Pull images from the TXP database (or optionally a list of directories) that match categories, names, IDs, authors, extensions, aspect ratios / dimensions
  • Use article fields/custom fields to hold lists of image categories/IDs for article-specific galleries
  • Multi-level sub-category support
  • Gallery layout is defined in a TXP form or as a container
  • Direct-access pagination is supported and the layout of paging features is controlled by a second form
  • Uses a tag-replacement system like the wet_for_each_image plugin
  • MLP support

At its highest level, this plugin has a very complex attribute system but is designed to grow with you as you become more accustomed to its power; start simple and work up!

Requires TXP 4.2.0+ and smd_lib

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Initially released:
11 Mar 2008
Posted here:
12 Mar 2008

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