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This is yet another Gallery Plugin. While I knew, that some of the Gallery Plugins are very powerfull and much better than this one, I needed something more custom made, that fits my specific needs, while building a complex Gallery Site.

Why ?

Among Christiphe Beyl’s Slimbox implementation (which is a mootools extension) this plugin lets me sort images by Image category, anywhere I need it.
The main purpose of this plugin though is to display the EXIF DATA inside the Tooltip of the Image Thumbnails.

I wanted that my familiy members and friends can see this information along with the thumbnails, and I also want to see this data myself while I browse or review my galleries.
I also don’t want to use online Services to handle my images despite Server load, but TXP solely, without any other Gallery Extensions.
I never liked this Idea from the Beginning, when Flickr first showed up.


Exifer by Jake Olefsky is used here to get at the bulk exif Data which the plugin then transforms into an assortment of 16 most common or most interesting EXIF propeties in a human readable form.

How much and which of this data should be displayed inside the ToolTip can by configured with the plugin’s custom Tag attribute values in a human-readable form.
The CSS of the ToolTip can be styled to your custom needs, if wanted.

The mootools Library and the necessary dependencies are not necessary, since, they are already included in the plugin.

Images can be either filtered by category or or/and by a custom string that can be set with a tag attribute.
Limit and offset can be altered.

Example Gallery

Here is an small example gallery , that shows the plugin in action.

Download and online-documentation

Available here

Upgrade v02 available

(Does not include dependencies. You need those as well. See: Download link)

This is the second version.
(ToolTips didn’t show up in IE6/7)

Keep in mind though, that I am Beginner with PHP, so be gentle.


Since to make this work, I need the FX effects dependencies of the mootools Library as well, the whole Size of the compressed script Library is a bit scary.
May be this can be improved in the future.
By default the caption data is displayed in the Footer of the slimbox popup. This has the disadvantage, that the default title tooltip pops up as well.
This Behavior can be disabled, if wanted ( Currently though the caption data then get’s hijacked and doesn’t show up in the popup.)
See for your self.


This plugin would not have been possible without the Existence of Graumeisters ExtendTips Extension, which goes around the problem, that there is no reasonable cross browser and standard compliant way to emulate styles and linebreaks inside the title attribute.
( Well, not yet at least, but mootools is showing the way)

I first intended to pull the EXIF Data from static files which works as well, and then changed my mind on this later on.
Due to the 64kb Size limitation, this option is not include in the plugin and remains unreleased.
Thanks to Steve Dickinson also for his Advice on proper file handling in PHP.

For brevity the other Credit mentions are inside the plugin Help and the on-line documentation.

regards, marios

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31 Jan 2007

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