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IE Transparent PNG Replacer

Plugin and help file adapted from Justin Koivisto at


Modifies IMG and INPUT tags for MSIE5+ browsers to ensure that PNG-24 transparencies are displayed correctly. Replaces original SRC attribute with a binary transparent PNG file (spacer.png) that is located in the same directory as the original image, and adds the STYLE attribute needed to for the browser. (Matching is case-insensitive. However, the width attribute should come before height.)

Also replaces code for PNG images specified as backgrounds via: background-image: url(image.png); or background-image: url(‘image.png’); When using PNG images in the background, there is no need to use a spacer.png image. (Only supports inline CSS at this point.)


The path to the directory with the spacer image relative to the DOCUMENT_ROOT. If none is supplied, the spacer.png image should be in the same directory as PNG-24 image. default:”/images”

size_meth=“crop”,“image”, or “scale”
String containing the sizingMethod to be used in the Microsoft.AlphaImageLoader call. default:“scale” Possible values are:

  • crop – Clips the image to fit the dimensions of the object.
  • image – Enlarges or reduces the border of the object to fit the dimensions of the image.
  • scale – Default. Stretches or shrinks the image to fill the borders of the object.

in_script=“0” or “1”
Attribute as to whether or not to replace IMG tags that appear within SCRIPT tags in the passed content. If used, may cause javascript parse errors when the IMG tags is defined in a javascript string. default:“0”


	<txp:image id="14" class="left" />
	<div id=header2 style="background-image: url(image.png);">
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11 Jul 2007

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