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Why another image plugin? This is my concept of how image tags should work in Txp. It’s rather like article context and article forms, but for images. The tags are simple, with not too many attributes (and most of those standard); my goal is for them to feel and behave like core Txp.

The plugin consists of four kinds of tags:

  • Output tags: display images and related info (image author, image name, etc); also EXIF data directly from image files
  • Conditional tags: test a variety of image conditions
  • Controller tag: soo_image_select, does for images what article and article_custom do for articles
  • Pagination tags: for multi-page galleries

Documentation, download, and examples

Latest changes:

  • Thumbnail height and width attributes (Txp 4.2.0 or later) added automatically, according to default_dimensions preference
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2 May 2009
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03 May 2009

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