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Upload, edit, sort and preview article image

This plugin allows to upload, edit, sort and preview article images directly from the ‘write’ tab.


Revision control

Track changes made to articles, forms, pages, style sheets, sections, categories and site preferences.


Upload and edit files from the write tab

Upload and edit files from the write tab


Switch the role of Publisher account(s) on-the-fly and navigate the admin side as that user level would.

Alter the privileges of Publisher accounts on-the-fly to experience the admin side as that user level.


CKEditor WYSIWYG editor for TXP

A very basic version of the plugin. It loads the CKEditor into the body and excerpt textareas on the Write tab. As of version 0.1 the full editor is loaded and no customization of it is possible without editing the plugin.


Admin-side plugin to control Managed Links date

Once the plugin is enabled, the Content | Links edit form will offer Date and…


jQueryUI Datepicker Custom Field

At the request of mrtunes and candyman I threw together this plugin which adds a jQuery UI Datepicker to the Textpattern write tab allowing you to easily add a custom formated date to your article.

Once you’ve added location data to your articles you can use this data in an unlimited number of ways. Map your articles or add a map to each article.


Rearrange and style items in the write tab, hide them on a per section basis and more

This plugin aims to be an all-in-one solution for the “write” tab customization. It allows to rearrange items in the write tab, hide them on a per-section basis, remove some sections from the sections dropdown and much more. By combining its features you can get a totally different write tab arrangement depending on which section you choose in the sections dropdown. Used alone or togheter with other plugins (glz_custom_fields and bot_admin_body_class to name a few) it will help you customize the site backend for your clients quickly and easily.


Open recent (and not so recent) Textpattern articles quickly

wet_quickopen is a plugin which prepends a search term input on top of the…


Create, edit or remove TXP preferences directly

Interface for managing your entire set of site preferences. Create, alter or delete prefs or simply search for certain preferences


Add fancy tooltips to the admin interface.

This plugin allows to add fancy tooltips to the admin interface using Craig Thompson’s qtips. While completely useless for your self-managed website it can be useful indeed to show customized instructions for your clients.



This is a plugin that enables the use of PubSubHubBub protocol to announce when new content has been posted to the weblog.


This is a plugin that enables the use of RSSCloud for push notification.

This is a plugin for Textpattern built by Walker Hamilton ( that enables the use of RSSCloud. Portions of this plugin are based on the plugin initially implemented by Joseph Scott ( You should really use PubSubHubBub and not RSSCloud, but, since Worpress had this thing running, I figured Textpattern should have the ability too.


Collect any additional bio info for your TXP user base. It's like custom fields for authors.

Completely configure additional biographical information for TXP authors. Phone, cell, address, department, preferred contact mechanism, favourite ice cream flavour, whatever you wish. Data is collected via the standard Admin->User tab.


Create, edit, import, export, and allow users to switch admin-side themes from the TXP interface

Manage and edit admin-side themes from a convenient interface. Export zipped packages for sharing with the community and perform one-click import of other themes. Allow users to switch themes or set certain themes for particular user roles.


Article Image Selector with Preview

Article Image Selector with Preview Adds an article image select box showing all available images…


Adds a comment preview in the admin comments edit screen

A simple little plugin that uses jQuery to add a preview of the comment being…

Article Image Selector

Article Image Selector

Here is a nice light weight image selector that actually works, just enable the plugin…


Use a style saved within Textpattern as the admin CSS

dds_admin_style is a Textpattern plugin that enables two features for the Textpattern Admin 1. Select…

EBL Image Edit

Advanced Image Editing Plugin for Textpattern

Announcing the introduction of EBL Image Edit. This plugin introduces advanced image editing functionality to…

EBL Upload V3

allows multiple image uploads, batch image resizing, thumbnailing

This plugin allows multiple image uploads, complete with batch image resizing, thumbnailing, and inserting this…


Shows the image associated with an article in the "write" tab

Once activated, this plugin will show the image associated with an article in the “write” tab.


Takes the public website offline with a custom message and shows a warning in the admin interface

This plugin is a modified version of rvm_maintenance. It allows you to take the entire public website offline for maintenance in a few clicks. Anyone attempting to access the public part of the website will then see in the default HTTP 503 Textpattern error template instead, including a custom message of your choice. A warning message will be shown in the admin interface as long as the website is in maintenance mode.


Backend Textile Bar

Minimal Textile inserting bar to the backend’s Write-tab


Change login passwords

Allows you to reset/change passwords, for you and for your mates, via backend Extensions page.


Manage TXP variables

adi_variables is a user friendly admin interface for managing TXP variables.

Once installed and activated, you’ll get:

  • a new Variables tab under Content to manage your variables
  • a new form, adi_variables, to store the variables


Send HTML emails from within Textpattern.

This plug-in adds an interface to the extensions tab to allow one to send plain text, HTML-only, or multipart (plain text & HTML, combined) emails from within the Textpattern admin interface.


Turn Write tab's article status radio buttons into select field

Change Write-tab’s article status radio buttons into a select field.


Make Write-tab’s Section drop down box show section titles instead of section names

Make Write-tab’s Section drop down box show section titles instead of section names.


Auto-growing textareas to Textpattern’s backend

Automatically growing textareas for Textpattern’s backend

All 1085 articles are stored in the treasure rooms that are the Archives.
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