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dds_admin_style is a Textpattern plugin that enables two features for the Textpattern Admin 1. Select a style saved within Textpattern as the admin CSS. 2. Set a unique favicon for the admin.

With this plugin activated, you’ll find a new tab “Admin Style” under “Extensions.”

To set a favicon for Textpattern, upload the appropriate favicon.ico file to your /textpattern installation. Then select “Yes” next to “Enable Favicon.”

To use an alternate CSS for the admin, first save a new style in the Style module. Then select that CSS from the drop-down menu. You can revert back to the original Textpattern style by selecting the empty field.

Please note that the custom style and favicon will not be active under the Admin > Plugins tab or the login page. Textpattern disables plugins in these modules as a safety precaution.

TXP Tips has another tutorial for getting started.

I’ve created several alternate CSS themes that work with this plug-in. You can try out all of the themes in the demo before implementing them on your own Textpattern installation.

You are encouraged to create your own styles. The plugin works by overwriting the URL of the default admin stylesheet with one of your choice. So your custom CSS should be a complete style, not just tweaks or userstyles that change a couple properties. The best way to make your own is to build off of the default CSS file.

Works with Textpattern 4.0.5 and up.

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22 Feb 2009
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16 Mar 2009

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