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When you need to associate files with an article you’ll probably do the same as me: create a custom field called ‘files’ and manually insert file ids in it. Then you call a file list in your artcle with something like:

<txp:file_download_list id='<txp:custom_field name="files" />'  wraptag="ul" break="li">
    <txp:file_download_name />

(or use upm_file for txp versions pre 4.2.0).
This plugin doesen’t change this internally, it just operates at a visual level hiding the custom field and replacing it with an interface which lets you also upload and edit files from within the “write” tab – all without even touching the keyboard.

Another feature let’s you sort files in the write tab and list them in that specific order in the frontend (read instructions)

This plugin is interface-less. It must be configured by modifying plugins code.

Once some files are uploaded/associated with an article bot_file_upload will create a file list just under the ‘title’ field (but can be easily moved in another location)

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21 May 2010

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