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This plugin allows to rearrange items in the write tab, hide them on a per-section basis, remove some sections from the sections dropdown and much more. By combining its features you can get a totally different write tab arrangement depending on which section you choose in the sections dropdown. Used alone or togheter with other plugins (glz_custom_fields and bot_admin_body_class to name a few) it will help you customize the site backend for your clients quickly and easily.

  • Single items (custom fields, body, excerpt etc.) or whole columns can be moved around relative to other single items or columns
  • Items can be hidden on a per-section basis
  • Sections can be removed from the “write” tab sections dropdown (for static sections like “about us” or “search”)
  • A custom css class can be set for each item. This let’s you define classes for items that normally couldn’t be targeted with simple css (i.e. a <p> surrounding a specific custom field and his label – if you are using glz_custom_fields). This feature has now a reduced importance with txp 3.0 since a lot more page elements can be directly targeted by css. Nonetheless it can still prove useful in some cases
  • Javascript code can be set directly throught the plugin interface. Particularly useful for use with an external jquery plugin and in conjunction with the ability to add a css class to any item on the page. The script will be executed only in the write tab
  • Advanced preferences allows for multiple items hiding and class attribution, speeding up the customization process if a lot of custom fields are set.
  • Compatible with glz_custom_fields, rah_section_titles and rah_write_each_section
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04 Dec 2009

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