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Display a custom quote or pull one from a web service

Easily display your own quote or pull one from the following services: Le Figaro (fr).…


Embed everything…

Get information from any web page (using oembed, opengraph, twitter-cards, scrapping the html, etc). It’s…


Better handling of HTML forms

This plugin was created to be used by other plugin authors. It’s intended to provide…

oui_player (formerly oui_video)

Easily embed iframe customizable players

oui_player is an extendable plugin to easily embed iframe customizable players. Supported players: Video Abc…

GroupDocs.Annotation for .NET Library

PDF, Office & Image Annotation Widget for TextPattern GroupDocs.Annotation for .NET is a lightweight Office…


Integrate weather data from OpenWeatherMap

Bringing OpenWeatherMap data to the Textpattern CMS.

GroupDocs.Viewer for Java Library

GroupDocs PDF & Office Document Viewer (Java Version) This plugin integrates GroupDocs’ Java document viewer…


Easily embed Vimeo videos in your content

Easily embed Vimeo videos in articles and customise the appearance of the player.


A Social Bookmarking Plugin

A simple Textpattern plugin for easily adding links to share pages on various social media…


Twitter integration with Textpattern

Access your Twitter account through both the admin interface and the public side of your site. Update Twitter when you post a new article (with article-by-article opt out option), update and view your Twitter feed through the admin Twitter tab, and display Twitter feeds on your site.


pat-hyphenate: a Textpattern CMS plugin for typography lovers & exigent designers that automatic makes hyphenation in web page contents using soft hyphens

pat_hyphenate a Textpattern CMS plugin for typography lovers & exigent designers that automatic makes hyphenation in web page contents using soft hyphens.


This plugin is a convenient online signature solution designed by GroupDocs for TextPattern users. It…


This plugin is provided by the GroupDocs’ document assembly service. It allows you to easily…


GroupDocs Viewer is an intuitive, all-in-one PDF online viewer that allows you to view documents…


GroupDocs Document, Image and PDF Annotation plugin lets you embed documents complete with GroupDocs Annotation…


Mathematical Formulae with Mimetex, without a LaTeX distribution or shell access

This plugin features simple LaTeX-like rendering of mathematical formulae without the need of having shell…


Google Maps V3 Plugin - 2 Markers Supported

Plugin based on V3 of Google Maps, and also supports 2 markers (Or single marker,…


JavaScript management

Create, edit and delete scripts in Textpattern admin and export on save to external files. Now with added minification.

rah_bitly integration

Bitly powered short links for articles. Shortened links are generated automatically when article is posted,…


Erik Bosrups famous overLIB

with improvements and plugins by Robert E. Boughner and me Install and activate lum_p version…


jQuery plugin collection

bundles some useful extensions and plugins for jQuery. The most notable one is jQuery UI,…


Display your formatted Twitter feed on your Textpattern site

atb_twitter displays feeds from microblogging platforms (Twitter and sites based on StatusNet, including on…


Every PHP function is a potential Textpattern tag

Turn every PHP function into a Textpattern tag. That’s right, with rah_function pretty much any PHP function can be used as a Textpattern tag.



This is a plugin that enables the use of PubSubHubBub protocol to announce when new content has been posted to the weblog.


This is a plugin that enables the use of RSSCloud for push notification.

This is a plugin for Textpattern built by Walker Hamilton ( that enables the use of RSSCloud. Portions of this plugin are based on the plugin initially implemented by Joseph Scott ( You should really use PubSubHubBub and not RSSCloud, but, since Worpress had this thing running, I figured Textpattern should have the ability too.


Piwik integration

Used to generate the JavaScript code for the Piwik open source web analytics tool.


Embed Youtube videos and customise the player

Easily embed Youtube videos and playlists in articles and customise the appearance of the player.


Dynamically include linkedin hresume in textpattern pages

p>gs_linkedin is a port of <a href="">Brad Touesnard&rsquo;s</a> Wordpress plugin <a href="">LinkedIn hResume</a>. It grabs the Microformated hResume block from your LinkedIn public profile page allowing you to add it to any page with a simple textpattern tag and apply your own styles.</p> 


Akismet integration for Textpattern

Akismet Plugin for Textpattern. Note: This plugin does not make use of the reporting Spam…

rrz_lastfm_charts weekly album charts

This plugin displays a nice, bite-size, ordered list of your weekly album charts. If…

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