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This plugin allows to add fancy tooltips to the admin interface using Craig Thompson’s qtips.

While completely useless for your self-managed website it can be useful indeed to show customized instructions for your clients.


  • Generated tooltips can be customized in background, border and text color.
  • By default standard txp “pophelps” are hidden but can cohexist with the plugin
  • Tooltips can be activated on click (default) or hover.
  • Tooltips can be associated with almost every page element under the “content” tab
  • Tooltips accept html and recognize line breaks (for faster text insertion)
  • Tooltips anchors have a class so can be customized via css
  • glz_custom_fields compatible
  • should work with txp 4.2, 4.0.8 and with a one-line mod, even with previous txp versions


Download contains three files:

  • The plugin
  • The jquery qtips plugin
  • The licence for qtips

Upload qtips in a location of your choice (defaults is in “js” directory)
Install, activate the plugin and visit “extensions” > “bot_admin_tooltips”

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09 Oct 2009

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