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Make Write-tab’s Section drop down box show section titles instead of section names

Make Write-tab’s Section drop down box show section titles instead of section names.


Auto-growing textareas to Textpattern’s backend

Automatically growing textareas for Textpattern’s backend


Edit user level privileges

This plugin allows to modify user level privileges with the help of an interface located under the “extensions” tab.


Leave notes for Textpattern users

Once installed and activated, you’ll get:

  • new tabs under Home, Content, Presentation and Admin to present your pearls of wisdom
  • public & private notes embedded in all Textpattern admin pages
  • a tab under Extensions, to set up...


Loads Flickr photos in the Write tab for easy photo blogging

Loads Flickr photos in the Write tab for easy photo blogging


Events Manager Admin Plugin for TXP

Use this plugin to manage article-based events. Edit events via an YUI AJAX-Powered interface to quickly insert and edit events.
This plugin does not use any additional database to store info.


Textpattern Search and Replace

Search and replace. Pretty basic functionality. Allows you to search and replace any occurrence of text in your articles (title, body, excerpt areas)


multiple image uploads, batch image resizing

This plugin allows multiple image uploads, complete with batch image resizing, thumbnailing, and inserting this information into the Textpattern database. This plugin is available for the sale price of $7.99 per domain. This price only allows usage on one web domain. This plugin replaces EBL_Batchupload.


filtering articles in admin backend by sections, categories, authors and statuses

This plugin was made for filtering articles in the admin backend and it’s filtering by sections, categories, authors and statuses.


lets you browse your articles/images/files in admin backend by dropdowns of categories/sections

this plugin lets you browse your articles/images/files in admin backend by dropdowns of categories/sections applicable to that area…sort of(see caveats).


Delete IP info per comment or purge IP addresses of comments and logdata

After a court decision in Germany web masters shouldn’t save personal informations users didn’t opt in. Especially IP adresses shouldn’t be saved for a long time.

This Plugin allows to delete IP information on a per comment basis and allows to purge IP adresses of comments and logdata at once or at login into...


Control your admin fields on a per-section basis

Currently allows you to define your custom fields on a per-section basis (from the presentation > sections tab.)


Unlimited, Super Special Custom Fields

*Most recent version is v1.2.4. If you’ve already contributed towards the plugin, head over to the private glz_custom_fields Google Group. Even though all discussion is happening on the TXP forum, this is a great place for downloading the plugin (v1.2 is...


manipulate order and sections of articles simply using Drag & Drop

With our new Textpattern plugin you can manipulate the order of your articles and put them in different sections – by simply using Drag & Drop!


Inline image uploading within “write” tab.


Modifying User Account Roles and Privileges

Modifying User Account Roles and Privileges


This plugin is pretty raw at present, and doesn’t do anything until you start editing the plugin itself. You shouldn’t install this unless you have some basic knowledge of editing plugins.


Privilege assignments determine what...


A simple to use mailing list manager for Textpattern

This plugin has been remade by the amazing Manfre. Get it here.



Stores JavaScript files within the database and handles them similar to CSS files.

Stores JavaScript files within the database and handles them similar to CSS files.


adds batch upload capability

EBL_Batchupload gives Textpattern users the ability to upload multiple, resize, thumbnail and import with a few mouse clicks.

This is a commercial plugin: $14.99 per domain


Hide Fields in Admin

In “Hide in admin” tab specify which fields you do or do not want to see and for which user levels.

It gives you control over what you want certain user levels see in the Write, Organise tab and the “inner” part of the Image tab. It also gives you option to have “Textile Help”, “Advanced Options” and “Recent...


A simple shoutbox with AJAX

  • Shouts are saved in db
  • Live preview
  • Textile enable
  • Reloading the shoutbox:
  • Reload der Shoutbox. By default the script is checking every 3 seconds for new shouts and reloads the shoutbox only if there are any new ones.
  • You can admin the shouts via an extension.
  • bas Shout works also when Javascript is not enabled. The shouts are transmitted and saved by POST- Of course the shoutbox only reloads after a new shout.


Pack values into your custom fields

Want more custom fields but don’t want to hack TXP to get them?
Want to have email links based on custom field values?

Maybe this plugin can help you!


Template Files

This plugin creates a new tab under `extensions`, enabling the trivial export of pages, forms, and CSS rules to a specified folder for convenient editing, and the subsequent import of new and updated files.


Database Management Plugin

The rss_admin_db_manager plugin gives you full control over your Textpattern database. It gives you the ability to backup your database, download your backups, restore your backups if necessary, view the current status of your database tables, repair them if necessary and run SQL statements against your data base. ...


Workflow allows users to easily hand over an article’s authorship to another site author, without having to edit user permissions.


Multiple image import

I needed to upload dozens of images to my textpattern installation for a gallery on one of my sites. As it is not funny to upload a lot of images manually, I started to write my first admin-side plugin ever.


Implement Alex King’s Quicktags for articles, forms and pages.

Plugin requires additional support files.


Hide fields from admin page

This plugin allows you to hide fields from the “Write Article” page. (I’ve used it to hide the “Use Textile” and “Keywords” sections so as to not confuse the guy for whom I’m designing a Textpattern-powered site.)


Textarea and Input Field Resizing

The rss_admin_resize plugin allows you to customize the size of the primary textareas and input fields while editing articles, pages, styles and forms. Your settings can be completely customized on a new tab that will be added to your admin interface (admin -> resize). If you work on multiple computers you’ll be able to customize the...


Open 'Advanced Options' by default

This is a pretty simple plugin but a useful replacement for the Advanced Options open by default