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bas Shout is a simple shoutbox.

See a demo of the frontend at


  • Install”: and activate the plugin
  • Open Extension => bas Shout and run the advanced install. This script adds a new table txp_bas_shout and some prefs at txp_prefs
  • Upload the files prototype.js, shout.js and shout.css. Save their paths at advanced preferences.


  • Shouts are saved in db
  • Live preview
  • Textile enable
  • Reloading the shoutbox:
  • Reload der Shoutbox. By default the script is checking every 3 seconds for new shouts and reloads the shoutbox only if there are any new ones.
  • You can admin the shouts via an extension.
  • bas Shout works also when Javascript is not enabled. The shouts are transmitted and saved by POST- Of course the shoutbox only reloads after a new shout.


  • Adding plugin help
  • Safari support
  • Cookie to store the name
  • Very important: Smilies
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21 Jun 2006

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