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Social Bookmarking Widget from

lam_addthis (Social Bookmarking Widget from If not done so already, you need to create…


Amazon plugin

A long time ago, I created a plugin called asv_amazon, which let you display products from Amazon on your site. It worked, but inserting the product required you to go to Amazon, copy the ASIN number, and paste into the TextPattern. What a hassle! Well I finally got around to writing the next version of asv_amazon. I’ve called it asv_amazon2 since it is completely written and works in a whole new way.


Improve compatibility between asy_jpcache and zem_contact_reborn

This plugin helps two other plugins co-exist peacefully: the full-page caching of asy_jpcache and the powerful form processing of zem_contact_reborn (ZCR).


A plugin to get the related content widget running.

Using this plugin, you can get a sphere widget onto your textpattern site all quick-like!


The _an7_mov_ plugin suite offers Quicktime and Flash Video media handling.

The an7_mov plugin suite offers Quicktime and Flash Video media handling, even Mediabox support.


Enables to read and provide conditionals for PHP Global Variables, as referer's url, server's name, browser's type, GET and POST variables, ...

Enables to read and provide conditionals for PHP Global Variables, as referer’s url, server’s name, browser’s type, GET and POST variables, ...


a Ajax rating system for Textpattern

Inroduction css_rating is a Ajax rating system for Textpattern based on Unobtrusive AJAX Star Rating…



Easy way to embed videos in textpattern posts. Supports video embedding for the following sites: Google Video, YouTube, Break, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Vimeo, Collegehumor, Yahoo! Video, iFilm and MySpaceTV.


A simple forum solution for Textpattern

It’s based on the premise that Textpattern itself can be the forum software — and more than that, it doesn’t need to be a separate install (though it could be). The forum is just a section of the site, like your Contact page or your Archive page. And the best part is that you take advantage of the speed, elegance and simplicity of Textpattern that you already know and trust.


20 minute delayed stock quotes

An easy to use plugin that adds 20 minute delayed stock quotes to your weblog.


Youtube videos

This plugin shows a video from a tag given as parameter. An example could be…

wet_slimpattern: Integrate SlimStat web statistics into Textpattern

Integrates SlimStat with Textpattern

wet_slimpattern integrates Textpattern with hit logging code from SlimStat, an open source web statistics package…


Google Maps in TXP

The rss_google_map plugin displays locations on a Google Map. It can either display a single…


wfCart session based shopping cart with Google Checkout

This plugin is designed to be a simple starting point for the development of a…


Simple gravatar display

This is a simple, clean plugin to display gravatars in comment forms. It doesn’t use any cache and provides access to all Gravatar options.


Microformat Plugin for Textpattern

pnh_mf is a plugin that adds a simple way to incorporate microformats such as XFN, hCard, hReview and hCalendar into your website.

lastfm_tagcloud tagcloud

This plugin shows a typical tagcloud from the stored data of a user. It has been added a new features and you can now select the kind of tagcloud that you wanna show. See help section of the plugin for more information.


A simple shoutbox with AJAX

  • Shouts are saved in db
  • Live preview
  • Textile enable
  • Reloading the shoutbox:
  • Reload der Shoutbox. By default the script is checking every 3 seconds for new shouts and reloads the shoutbox only if there are any new ones.
  • You can admin the shouts via an extension.
  • bas Shout works also when Javascript is not enabled. The shouts are transmitted and saved by POST- Of course the shoutbox only reloads after a new shout.


Customizable M.gnolia link roll

mcw_ma_gnolia is a TextPattern plugin that generates an accessible and customizable Ma.gnolia link roll for use on your website without the use of client-side JavaScript. Download it now, and start playing!

Updated 17. June, 2006 — Version 0.4


Event Manager

Download jmc_event_manager v0.2beta Preamble The jmc_event_manager is a plugin/hack for textpattern created to allow users…


TXP Logs + Google Maps

The rss_googlemap_stats plugin displays recent visitors to your site on a Google Map along with…


Enables txp to stream videos via flash.

This plugin is an integration of the Flash Video Player written by Jeroen Wijering.
You can stream video files in flv-format.


Enables txp to stream mp3 via flash.

Enables txp to stream mp3 via flash.

This plugin integrates the Easy Musicplayer For Flash written by Marc Reichelt


Display weather with international support

Show the image of the weather with international location support


Transforms a LaTeX expression to an image.

This plugin makes it easier to create images of formulas using mimetex in textpattern. Its…


Amazon Product List with Associate links

A plugin that will output a list of Amazon catalog items with thumb images and links to the products detail page at


Amazon plugin

Pulls XML file from Amazon’s server and extracts Product Name, Product URL, and Small/Medium/Large Image URL.

wet_amazonassoc: Sell Amazon merchandise on your site

Creates markup for amazon associate links

wet_amazonassoc is a plugin designed to create all the necessary markup to link to a…


Technorati tags in body

Turn words in the body of an article into Technorati Tags.


Most Popular Page View From bbClone

This plugin will list the x most popular pages according to hits received in bbClone.…

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