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asv_amazon – Version 0.4 – Updated 08/18/2005

List mode attributes

[asin(Amazon Standard Item Number)] – The asin attribute is required and is the unique identifier of the product. You can find the ASIN by visiting the site of the product on Amazon. The ASIN will be the 10 digit number in the URL.

[locale] = The locale attribute is optional and is by default set to US. You can use the following locales:

  • us – United States
  • uk – United Kingdom
  • de – Denmark
  • jp – Japan
  • fr – France
  • ca – Canada

[cache] = true/false. The cache attribute is optional and is set by default to “false”. If you want to store the XML data locally, then set “cache” to “true”. The cached file will maintain for 24 hours.

[cacheimg] = none/small/medium/large. The cacheImage attribute is optional and is set by default to none. If you want to store the image locally then you can set this attribute to download the image size you want to use to your local tmp folder and it will refresh every 24 hours.


<txp:asv_amazon [attributes]>

In between the tags you can include the layout of the data. There will be 4 pieces of information currently available to you:

  • asv_DetailPageURL – The URL for the product on the Amazon site
  • asv_SmallImageURL – The URL for the smallest image of the product
  • asv_MediumImageURL – The URL for the medium size image of the product
  • asv_LargeImageURL – The URL for the largest image of the product
  • asv_Title – The name of the product

You can include your own layout of the data in between the <txp:asv_amazon> tags. If you do not include this information, there will be a default layout given:

<a href="asv_DetailPageURL"><img src="asv_SmallImageURL" /><br />asv_Title</a><br />


<txp:asv_amazon asin="0374292884">
<a href="asv_DetailPageURL"><img src="asv_SmallImageURL" /><br />asv_Title</a>


<a href=""> <img src="<em>SCTHUMBZZZ</em>.jpg" /><br />The Innovator's Solution: Creating and Sustaining Successful Growth</a><br />


  • 0.1
    • Pulls XML file from Amazon’s server and extracts Product Name, Product URL, and Small/Medium/Large Image URL.
    • You can set the locale and ASIN
  • 0.2
    • Choose to cache the images and XML file locally in the “textpattern/tmp” folder
  • 0.3
    • Fixed a defect that prevented the plugin from pulling data from cached pages.
    • Updated plugin to install using the 1.0 plugin standard
  • 0.4
    • Page is no longer killed if there are errors but rather just displays the error at the top of the page
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Archived [?]: replaced by <txp:zem_link href="913">asv_amazon2</txp:zem_link>

Initially released:
May 2005
Posted here:
14 Aug 2005

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