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lam_addthis (Social Bookmarking Widget from

If not done so already, you need to create a free account at It allows you to track your statistics and such.

This plugin creates a javascript-generated, compact bookmarking widget.

Covers the following: Favorites, Google Bookmarks,, Digg, Facebook, Furl, StumbleUpon, Yahoo MyWeb, Newsvine, Reddit, Technorati, Live Bookmarks, Yahoo Bookmarks, Twitter, Ask, myAOL, Slashdot, Fark, Simpy, Propeller, RawSugar, Blogmarks, Spurl, LinkaGoGo, Mister Wong, Wink, Backflip, Magnolia, Diigo, Blue Dot, Segnalo, Netvouz, Tailrank, BlinkList, DropJack, Feed Me Links

-updated with new code
-fixed textpattern 4.2.0 compatibility and the bookmarklet sometimes not appearing for every article
-added ability to limit/reorder the social networking bookmarks that appear upon hover.
-added ability to change button image
-added custom branding to the button upon hover


place <txp:lam_addthis /> in your article form.


  • user – (your username)
  • type – “bookmark” or “feed” (typically you’d probably be using type “bookmark” since Textpattern already has a built-in feed link. But for the sake of completeness I threw it in this plugin to take full advantage of whats offered at Plus the latter allows you to track statistics for your feed as well.)


  • wraptag – (default is “div”)
  • class – class to apply to wraptag (default none)
  • brand – add your own branding to the bookmarklet as seen here
  • services – list of services you’d like to specifically show up in the on-hover list (full list found here. use the keywords under the “Code” column). note: make sure to add “more” as one of the services if you’d like the “more” option to show up!)
  • exclude – list of services you’d like to exclude from showing up on both the hover and onclick list (full list found here)
  • button – url of your own button image to use (default is )

More Optional:(these are used only for type=“feed”)

  • flavor – “rss” or “atom” (default is “rss”)
  • category – choose specific category (default is current category)
  • section – choose specific section (default is current section)

Examples (place in your article form):

<txp:lam_addthis user="iblastoff" brand="iblastoff!" type="bookmark" />

Check out for the example in action.

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