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This plugin displays a nice, bite-size, ordered list of your weekly album charts. If you have any questions or commentary, please contact me by using the contact form on my website.


The plugin’s configuration is handled by the source of the plugin (for now). In order to display charts of your profile you have to change RRZ_PROFILE to your profile name. Additionally you can change the size of the images (RRZ_IMAGE_SIZE) and the amount of images that are displayed (RRZ_IMAGE_AMOUNT).


The plugin features an admin interface under the tab ‘extensions’. On the first run you’ll only see the ‘go’ button. When clicking this button the script will collect all the charts needed for the plugin.

Note that the album images are stored in /images/lastfm and a cache file is created in /cache, because the script is too recourse-heavy to function live constantly.


This plugin has only one tag to output the chart in an ordered list (<ol>): <txp:rrz_lastfm_charts />

You can add a class to the plugin by adding the class attribute to the tag like this: <txp:rrz_lastfm_charts class="someclass" />

Note that you have to run the admin-side script first in order for this to work.

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January 25, 2008
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25 Jan 2008

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