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Change metas after page rendering

Set or change html page <title>.. , <meta name="keywords"... , <meta name="description"... on runtime inside…


Yet another keywords/tags plugin

Another interpretation of the “Keywords” field. Developed with a tagcloud in mind, finally offers other features.


Add you recently listened songs from to your website.

Add your recently listened songs from to your website using a <txp: /> tag.


Automatic wrapper

Summary This plugin will wrap its contents in an HTML tag – but only if…


Unlimited tags / categories for articles, images, files and links.

Unlimited tags / categories for articles, images, files and links. Filter, relate, list, and display tagged content.


VIR Tags: Tags cloud generator

Generates customised clouds of most popular Tags (Keywords) out of Custom or Keywords fields. Could be also used in Meta tags, see examples in manual.


Google Hilite Plugin

Google Hiliting Plugin based on Dean Allen’s Mod.

Built with TextPattern v.4.0.4.


Tagging support

An advanced (but easy to use) tagging plugin, originally based on ran_tags, but with many improvements, bugfixes, and security enhancements. It has the usual tagging features (listing tags for an article, tag clouds, listing articles for a tag), and it allows you to use standard Textpattern conventions like wraptag / break / class. It is smart about future-dated and “draft” articles, and doesn’t show tags from them. It has clean URL support without modifying .htaccess. It includes tags in RSS / Atom feeds. It shows tags on the admin-side when writing/editing articles. It has admin-side tag maintenance and redirection features.


Organize articles by keywords or tags.

The chh_keywords plugin provides Txp tags for managing articles based on keywords—or tags, or labels, or categories, or whatever the in vogue term is today.


Tagging Textpattern

Throw your categories away! With this nifty plugin for TXP you can now start tagging your thoughts. Just install and start tagging away…


Technorati tags in body

Turn words in the body of an article into Technorati Tags.


assign Technorati-specific tags to your articles

Allows you to assign Technorati-specific tags to your articles, as described on the Technorati tag help page.


Connect TXP with Technorati

There are at least a few plugins out there designed to better connect Textpattern powered sites to Technorati. This one just uses categories, or multiple custom fields if you need more than two tags on an article.

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