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Embed your SmugMug photos into your web-pages

This plugin can be used for embedding photos from your SmugMug account into your Textpattern site.


Image output plugin.

Functions like <txp:image_index /> with support for forms, multiple categories and more.


Gallery 2 Image Block

This plugin will allow you to include Gallery 2 Image Blocks for a local gallery installation.


Friend Feed plugin

aao_friendfeed is a simple plugin to parse and display your last entries from friendfeed on your blog.

Works great on the sidebar!

Check the details on the textpattern forum’s


Incredibly flexible gallery generation using forms for layout

A ridiculously flexible gallery generator that uses forms and replacement tags to customise its output. Can morph into hundreds of gallery types limited by your imagination. Javascript knowledge useful (but not required) to get the most out of the plugin.


Simple JS/CSS image slideshow.

A simple, no-frills (or, well, very-few-frills) image slideshow plugin, using a minimal amount of Javascript and CSS to get the job done and look good doing it.

Works with a set of image IDs, either specified or as article images, or a set of image categories. Easily customized for a variety of uses, degrades...


Brings Sexif ToolTip Data to your Gallery

Among custom sorting options by either Image Category or custom string, this plugin brings slimbox and custom Tooltips to your Gallery thumbnails, that display the EXIF Data of your Image.


Quick and simple image handling using any Lightbox compatible scripts.

Quick and simple image handling using any Lightbox compatible scripts.


A lightweight lightbox image gallery plugin based on Slimbox.

A lightweight lightbox image gallery plugin based on Slimbox.


wow_gallery - Upload, edit (flip/mirror/resize/thumbs), show images

This plugin is a complete gallery manager for Textpattern, including a powerful tag for displaying galleries or single images in-line or in a customized new window.

The gallery manager allows you to upload and modify images (flip/mirror/resize), auto-create up to three thumbnails per image, use JPG/PNG/GIF...


Image rendering loop

Lists images by employing user supplied markup


Directory Gallery

Generates a gallery from the images in a directory. Does not use the textpattern database.


A click on a thumbnail places the orginal image above your current page, not within.


Display Flickr photos as a gallery or individually

Shows images from your flickr photostream as a gallery in your textpattern website.

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