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Enhanced file tab

adi_file_tab is an enhancement to the standard File edit tab:

  • display file ID, file size, author, last modified timestamp, status, download link
  • optionally replace filename upon upload
  • replace from existing file (with filter option)
  • rename file
  • delete...

GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET Library

GroupDocs HTML5 Document Viewer (.NET / ASP.NET Version)

This plugin is developed to allow TextPattern developers to seamlessly deploy GroupDocs’ .NET/ASP.NET document viewer on their websites. GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET...

GroupDocs.Viewer for Java Library

GroupDocs PDF & Office Document Viewer (Java Version)

This plugin integrates GroupDocs’ Java document viewer library into TextPattern CMS. It enables you to display


Compare Two Documents Online

This plugin allows you to seamlessly install and use the GroupDocs’ online document comparison app on your Textpattern website. With it, your website visitors can compare two documents online, right on your Textpattern web...


This plugin is a convenient online signature solution designed by GroupDocs for TextPattern users. It allows you to obtain signatures for contracts, applications and any other documents without printing, scanning and faxing them.



external file editor/management plugin

An external file editor plugin.
Create, edit and delete external (to Textpattern) files in Textpattern admin.


Monitor your web site files and alarm if anything changes

Keep an eye on your Textpattern installation by monitoring server files and alerting you if anything for changes (additions, deletion or alterations)


Upload and edit files from the write tab

Upload and edit files from the write tab


Converts MS Excel spreadsheet to xHTML table.

Outputs the specified Microsoft Excel (.xls) file as an xHTML table. Includes server-side caching for optimum performance.


Format bytes

Format bytes into a more human readable format.


Strip white spaces and GZIP compress pages on the fly. Set any page headers. Simple 301 redirect with conditions.


  • Set any page headers. It’s useful for create your custom feeds.
  • Strip white spaces on the fly.
  • GZIP and deflate compress on the fly.
  • Simple 301 redirect with conditions.



Download of multiple files with or without a confirmation button and zip-on-the-fly.

This plugin allows you to offer a download of multiple files with or without a confirmation button and an option to zip all offered files on zhe fly.


Allows the TXP Files tab to manage remote URLs as well as local files. Useful for offering large downloads via 3rd party file sharing sites

Manage large remote files hosted on third party sites from within TXP’s Files interface. Use most of the standard tags to offer a mixture of local and remote files for download.


Files and downloads statistics.

fox_files_stats is able to print out a few statistics about the files, like the number of files, the number of downloads, the size of downloaded files and so on.


A plugin for embedding flash movies uploade via the files tab with click to embed action.

wlk_flem is a flash embed plugin that allows for easy embed of flash movies with optional loading of movie onload of page or onclick of a “poster” image. It utilizes swfobject for embedding the flash into the page, and supports multiple flash movies per page, multiple flash movies per article, and use of custom fields for all embed actions, if one so desires it.


Display file icons or extension

srh_file_icon displays either the file extension (eg PDF, DOC, ZIP) or an icon image for a file. Icon images must be present in the /images directory for each file type required (eg pdf.png, doc.png — filenames should be lowercase). The icon...


Print directory filelist with subdirectories.

This plugin can help you to create download area on your website. Script automatically scan directory for available files and subdirectories and create download-page.

You can upload files directly or with FTP-client.

For building directory tree I used the transparent gif file named "transparent.gif", placed in...


An easy-to-use file picker, for use with upm_file.

An easy-to-use file picker, for use with upm_file.


Associate single or multiple files with an article.

Associate single or multiple files with an article.


Current-document-aware random image/video/Flash file by (sub)category; useful for advertising

Useful for advertising, and linking to, “other products/services on this site” without showing the customer an advert for the product they are currently looking at.


Give your listings a little highlight!

Updated to v0.5

A plugin to format and display a text file—specifically a file of code—in a convenient manner.

There are other plugins out there that do this, but this was my first shot an a TXP plugin—a project on which to cut my php teeth—and I wanted a code listing with cleaner layout than glx_code and a lot leaner output than GeSHi. This is the result.


Replace File

This plugin adds a replace function to the file edit view.

With Textpattern version 4.0.6 file replacing is built in, so there is no need to use my plugin!


Allows you to place an icon next to your file

Will display a list of files with an icon next to each file link. The list can be sorted by category, id, filetype and number of downloads.


Associate single or multiple files with an article.

upm_file_packets is no more. You want upm_file and/or upm_file_popper.


File Download Information

This plugin is a companion to Mod File Upload, and allows for outputting various information pertaining to uploaded files with Textpattern tags.

All 1085 articles are stored in the treasure rooms that are the Archives.
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