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The Admin -> Diagnostics tab is great if you remember to look at it from time to time. But if your server is compromised, how would you know about a sneaky Trojan or malware until your visitors complain or the search engines block your site?

The answer is to use smd_prognostics to tell you when things have changed so you can take action immediately.


  • Monitor files in and around your Txp installation for deletion, alteration or if new files are added
  • Automatically detect any changes and display/send notification to designated user(s)
  • Customise how often the checks are performed
  • Acknowledge known alterations and configure repeat alarms if the situation remains unchecked
  • Rudimentary password strength meter included

Requires Txp 4.4.1+ and PHP 5

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11 Nov 10
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11 Nov 2010

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