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This plugin is a convenient online signature solution designed by GroupDocs for TextPattern users. It allows you to obtain signatures for contracts, applications and any other documents without printing, scanning and faxing them.

After installing this plugin, you’ll be able to embed office documents, such as .pdf .doc, .docx, etc., directly to your TextPattern webpages, and provide the recipient with a link to the document. The recipient can then sign the document right from a web-browser, without the need of downloading the document. This way any document can be signed within minutes and directly on your TextPattern pages.

E-signatures are as legally binding as hand-written ones, meaning that you can obtain absolutely legally signed contracts, NDAs, forms, applications, etc., in a matter of minutes.

Apart from that, GroupDocs provides you with convenient means of tracking your documents status, storing and sharing them.

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29 Jan 2013

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