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wlk_flem was created at the behest of Jonathan Greene. Jon is a flash guy. He likes to experiment with flash…doing all sorts of crazy stuff. Then, he puts the flash examples up on his blog.

This plugin allows one to:

  1. Upload a flash file as you would any other file within Textpattern.
  2. Allow more than one flash example per page without overwhelming a person’s browser &/or processor.

A flash embed with a click to embed:

<txp:wlk_flem flashmovie="16" poster="63" width="450" height="220" bgcolor="333333" />

It’ll embed a the file with id number 16 as a flash movie and use the image with id 63 as the “poster”. The flash embed code will be run when the image is clicked. (top example here)

A straight flash embed:

<txp:wlk_flem flashmovie="17" width="420" height="100" bgcolor="333333" />

It’ll embed a the file with id number 17 as a flash movie when the page loads. (bottom example here)

v0.2: actually included support for the paramstr argument. Do it like this:

<txp:wlk_flem flashmovie="3" poster="5" flashversion="9" paramstr="$jso$.addParam("salign","tl");" />

Also…I fixed the help docs (first one was a copy/paste from my initial thoughts on what the tag should look like…and thus the argument names were wrong).

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29 Jun 2007

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