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srh_file_icon displays either the file extension (eg PDF, DOC, ZIP) or an icon image for a file. Icon images must be present in the /images directory for each file type required (eg pdf.png, doc.png — filenames should be lowercase). The icon image type (eg png, gif) can also be specified.

Use: txp:srh_file_icon displaytype=”“ imagetype=”“ />

  • displaytype – ‘text’ or ‘image’ defaults to ‘text’
  • imagetype – the type of image file used for the icon, defaults to png

You can get your file icons here:

This plugin is a far more basic verion of mrz_file_preview (which did a lot more and was written by someone who knows PHP).

This is my first plugin, and if you look at the code you can probably tell I don’t know PHP at all. If I keep reading my PHP book, I might get around to adding some other obvious attributes like class, width & height, alt-text etc.


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25 Jan 2007

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